Apple’s ‘Find My’ incorporated into all NZ ’20th Anniversary’ Segway PTs, and coming soon to all Segway-Ninebot KickScooters

Segway-Ninebot announced today at the US Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that all future products will incorporate Apple’s ‘Find My’ Smart Tech functionality.

From today every new Segway New Zealand ’20th Anniversary Edition’ Segway Personal Transporter (PT) model will feature an Apple AirTag imbedded inside the platform to provide ‘Find My’ functionality. Owners will be able to locate their Segway PT using the Find My App on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Alternatively, a person can use any web browser to log into iCloud and use the ‘Find My’ function there.

Our freshly revised and updated ’20th Anniversary Edition’ Segway PT packages for 2023 celebrate 20 years of Segway New Zealand selling Segway PTs (2003 to 2023).

Also new for 2023 is Segway New Zealand has begun referring to the current Segway PT models as the SE-X range.

The ‘X’ refers to the Extended Range battery packs that became available in 2020. Until now there was no easy way to distinguish between SE models with the previous ‘Valance’ battery packs and the newly titled SE-X models with ‘Extended Range’ packs. Going forward, we will refer to SE models manufactured from 2013 to 2019 and sold new with Valance packs as SE models, and models manufactured from 2020 forward and sold new with Extended Range packs as SE-X models.

All ’20th Anniversary Edition’ Segway PTs come with Extended Range battery packs, a Apple AirTag hidden and embedded in the chassis, Segway-branded Helmet, and a handy Front Bag fitted to the handlebars. Pricing remains unchanged from 2022.

• Segway i2 SE-X ’20th Anniversary’ edition: $14,778.26+GST ($16,999)

• Segway i2 SE-X Max* ’20th Anniversary’ edition: $15,647.33+GST ($17,995)

• Segway x2 SE-X ’20th Anniversary’ edition: $15,647.33+GST ($17,995)

• Segway x2 SE-X Turf ’20th Anniversary’ edition: $15,647.33+GST ($17,995)

•• Security Patroller kit for any i2 SE-X or x2 SE-X: $1,500+GST ($1,725)

•• Golf kit** for Segway x2 SE-X Turf: $1,000+GST ($1,150)

•• Cargo or Warehouse kit for any i2 SE-X or x2 SE-X: $1,000+GST ($1,150)

* ‘Max’ refers to Max Wheels which are NZ-designed and manufactured wheels that are about twice as wide as a standard i2 SE-X wheel, but narrower than either the x2 SE-X ATV/Turf wheels. The i2 SE-X Max fits through standard doorways.

** you can fit the Golf kit to i2 SE-X and i2 SE-X Max models for use on well-drained courses.

Call 0800 SEGWAY to enquire further, arrange a free demonstration, or to buy a Segway PT from Segway New Zealand (Auckland) or from our Dealers (Wellington and Christchurch).

‘Find My’ is coming to all Segway-Ninebot KickScooters in 2023, according to Segway-Ninebot’s press release earlier today:

“We have had an incredible 2022 debuting products and collaborating with top brands, and we continued to work hard to maintain our standard-setting in innovation, reliability and safety.” said Alex Huang, SVP of Global Business. “I always love coming to Vegas to show our partners cutting-edge features and products coming down the Segway pipeline, and 2023 is no exception.”

Find My Smart Tech

Segway has partnered with Apple to integrate the Find My technology into Segway products. Riders can locate their Segway through the Find My network on the Find My app through their iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. Riders can conveniently find where their Segway is on the in-app map. 

Additionally, in-app functionality allows riders to play a loud, distinct tone on their Segway. This tone will serve as a helpful tool when locating the Segway. This new technology Segway has implemented serves riders with even more connectivity outside the Segway-Ninebot app and offers Segway riders enhanced peace of mind. 

In (related) news Swiss technology company Fixposition has announced they have secured investment from Segway-Ninebot to further develop their leading-edge technologies:

Fixposition recently welcomed intelligent personal transport and robotics company Segway-Ninebot as an investor and customer. Fixposition, which provides global high-precision positioning solutions…was…named a TOP 100 Swiss Startup from 2018 to 2021. Fixposition develops high-precision global positioning products, combining computer vision techniques and satellite navigation to deliver accuracy in open fields and GNSS-challenging environments. More than ten companies worldwide, including the US, China, and beyond, already use Fixposition’s technology in different applications. In March 2022, the startup launched Vision-RTK2, which significantly improved product performance, providing a richer interface to meet customers’ needs.

The core value of Vision-RTK2 is its expansion of GNSS-based global positioning to more scenarios to help customers optimize their autonomous driving solutions more cost-effectively. Vision-RTK2 also incorporates inertial sensors, wheeled odometers, and machine-learning algorithms. The disruptive innovation solves the problem of blocking and reflecting GNSS signals and avoids the interference of pure visual odometer positioning with harsh light changes.

Segway-Ninebot is a global enterprise pioneering intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. The company operates internationally, selling products in over 100 countries and regions. The investment from Segway-Ninebot and other investors will support the startup’s development.

Our very first Flyer (from Big Boys Toys 2003)

Nineteen years ago we imported the first Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) into New Zealand. In fact, our very first two units were probably the first to reach the Southern Hemisphere. They arrived in September 2003.

Back then the device itself was called the Segway ‘Human Transporter’ (or HT), and our fledgling business was called Segway Hire – we were just beginning to work out the things we could do with these amazing machines….and we only had two!

Six weeks later we were exhibiting at Big Boys Toys. To open the show, the mayor at the time (John Banks) arrived by helicopter, jumped onto one of our Segways and zoomed forward to cut the ribbon with oversized scissors – all in front of the media. The Sunday Star Times ran a great photo (see below).*

Across three days at Big Boys Toys we gave hundreds of rides and handed out thousands of our very first, very simple little Flyer. It was produced in-house on a Mac using ClarisWorks, printed six-up on a Black & White 300dpi laser printer, and guillotined by hand. Within a couple of months we’d have an altogether more professional Flyer to hand out to the public.

We found a worn copy of this ancient brochure buried deep inside a box just the other day…

And here’s the rear:

And here’s John Banks opening Big Boys Toys in 2003:

Photo copyright Sunday Star Times, 2003

  • * Such a shame John Banks was real dick a few years later about our Segway PT trial with Auckland Council. It was all going so well. We were on track to save Council hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by deploying Segway PTs across a number of roles. For examples, some building inspections being undertaken in the CBD could be done by council staff arriving on Segway PTs, instead of taking cars out of the numerically large yet finite pool of council vehicles only to have their journey impacted by congestion followed by the inability to find a car park at or even near their destination upon arrival; various roles in the Parks Department; plus improved productivity in the parking enforcement department (admittedly, this was never going to be popular benefit in the eyes of the public). Yes, it was going so well until the day John Banks claimed to The Herald the trial was “silly” – and the only place Segway PTs belonged was down at the local skate park! Sigh. Changing the world is hard. It didn’t seem to matter to John Banks that the 6 week trial had been determined a spectacular success and efficiency boost at all levels by council staff, nor that (according to our sources within council at the time) Banks was later forced to personally apologised to the parking enforcement officers that he’d offered by publicly branding them as “lazy” for trialling and considering this revolutionary concept of what we now call micro-mobility. By then, the damage had already been done. Even Herald commentator Brian Rudman’s unhelpful opinions at the time were incredibly lame.** At least private enterprise, including Auckland’s Heart of the City, Sal’s Pizza deliveries and James Law Reality, recognised the efficiency gains to be had – and promptly adopted Segway PTs for use around the CBD with spectacular success. If a few Segway PTs had been deployed by Auckland Council in 2008 it is possible that by 2022 the ratepayer could have benefited to the tune of millions of dollars in savings in operational costs plus efficiency benefits.
  • ** What was it about certain male columnists and media presenters (they were always male) in the mid-2000’s, typically aged 50-ish to 60-ish? They liked to assert “…there’s no way of avoiding the fact that they [Segway PTs] make everyone who rides one look a proper dork” (looking at you, Brian Rudman)? As a consequence of the prominent positions held by such noisy individuals at that time, these “look like a dork” comments were very damaging to the perception of the Segway PT at what was a critical time in the emergence of early micro-mobility. Yet these men stood alone – no other demographic was making “dork” claims. With hindsight, it certainly revealed more about those individuals than it did about the Segway PT. Turns out, they were on the wrong side of history. and they were just plain wrong. Today, millions of self-balancing devices have been sold worldwide – the majority of them being scaled down versions evolved from the original PT, such as the Segway-Ninebot S-Pro (miniPro)….likely few of which are being used by those particular men now aged in their 70s.

Wine + Ferrari + Segway = Wineworks warehouse productivity boost

Some Ferraris run on alcohol – so you could say this unique ‘Ferrari’ Segway PT runs on wine

What started off as a running gag has fermented into a productivity booster at Wineworks – one of New Zealand’s largest contract wine making and bottling businesses.

Like all great wines and all great wine stories, it started years ago. Each year a certain warehouse manager would submit a written requisition request for a Ferrari to use to get around their large, sprawling site in Blenheim, New Zealand.

Who wouldn’t want a Ferrari to get around at work?

After many years of refusing this request, management at Wineworks decided it would be fun to commission Segway NZ to create a custom ‘Ferrari’ Segway i2 SE – while at the same time knowing a Segway PT deployed in the workplace would be a true productivity-improving tool. Even the cartons containing the first generation of Segway PTs were emblazoned with “Cover more ground. Be more productive. Move more intelligently.”

And so, for the last decade or so the production staff and management staff at Wineworks have been using their special Segway PT to ride within and between the giant warehouses at their facility.

Recently, they shipped their ‘Ferrari’ up to Segway NZ for its first-ever service. How’s that for proof of incredible reliability?

This has reminded us to tell the story of how their custom Segway PT came to be.

Rare, genuine ‘Ferrari’ Segway PT (left) and custom ‘Ferrari’ Segway PT built for Wineworks (right)

Wineworks has joined many other top-performing NZ companies who have Segway PTs deployed to improve productivity and efficiency. The mail must get through! Time is money! And time (and wine) wait for no one….even if (most) wine improves with a bit of waiting.

First, here’s Wineworks story (from their website):

WineWorks began in 1995 to provide key bottling infrastructure for wineries. In the following 25 years we’ve grown with our winery customers, to ensure we have capacity for our customers in the New Zealand wine industry.

We’ve made (and continue to make) big investments in world-class technology, machinery and facilities, and of course our people.

Bottling, labelling, storage and distribution are highly specialised processes. WineWorks are industry experts. We have the expertise, experience and, coupled with our enthusiastic application of what we’ve learnt through Lean Manufacturing, make it easy for you.

For our customers, we see ourselves as the ‘gearbox’ of your business – we look after the ‘industrial’ side of bottling wine, and then store and dispatch it. This enables you to do what you do best – grow and market great New Zealand wines.

And now, here’s how we made their custom Ferrari Segway PT.

The Wineworks ‘Ferrari’ Segway i2 SE was built in Auckland using genuine Ferrari badges purchased by Philip Bendall at a Ferrari Store during a visit to Europe in 2008, along with the exceptional painting and detailing skills of Gt Refinishers, Penrose (Auckland). We sought out Gt Refinishers for to their award-winning work, plus the enthusiasm they brought to this unique little job. They paid very careful attention to detail, copying the key Ferrari elements across from Philip’s own genuine Ferrari Segway i2 across to the redesigned i2 SE model. Only 40 units of official ‘Ferrari Edition’ Segway PTs were made – keep reading to learn more below.

Since creating the Wineworks one-off ‘Ferrari’, Gt Refinishers have gone on to create a one-off Sistema Segway PT for the founders of that company. It was custom painted in iconic ‘Sistema Blue’ colour and finished with Sistema badges, and fitted Segway side cargo cases.

One of the rarest “Ferraris” of all, on display inside an Auckland home. Just 40 units were made.

In 2008 Segway, Inc. produced a very, very limited run of just 40 official Ferrari Segway PTs.

Forty units of White coloured Segway i2 models were sent to Ferrari’s factory in Maranello, Italy, where each was hand-crafted into official ‘Ferrari Edition’ Segway PTs. Painted in “Ferrari Red” and leaving a white stripe revealed, these PTs also featured real Ferrari emblems plus a custom made, pigskin front bag emblazoned with the Ferrari logo.

One of 40 genuine Ferrari Segway PTs. In the background there is a glimpse of the replica Woz Cup. In 2005 Apple co-founder Steve Wozniack donated the cup that goes to the winning team of the annual international Segway Polo competition, and this replica is held by inaugural challengers The NZ Pole Blacks.

Out of these 40 units, just two examples reached New Zealand. One is on display at Segway New Zealand (and is occasionally shown off at events such as Big Boys Toys and Speedshow), and the other is a prized possession of a well-known Ferrari collector in Auckland.

According to Philip Bendall: “As far as I know, there are no other examples of offical Ferrari Segway PTs in the Southern Hemisphere. Of the 40 units produced, movie star and celebrity Jackie Chan purchased 10 units, and these initially all went into Hong Kong. I purchased two, leaving just 28 units in the hands of various collectors spread elsewhere around the world.

“I was having dinner at Jackie’s amazing house in Kowloon (Hong Kong), I think this was in 2011 or 2012, and he reminded me how his Ferrari and his ‘White Dragon’ custom Segway PTs are two of his favourite things in particular. I think it fair to say he really loves Segway PTs in general.

Jackie Chan co-founded Gogreen, who operate Segway Tours in Singapore

“For about a decade, starting in 2005, Jackie and my friend Matt McGuire had a business called JCAM, the official distributor of Segway products across much of South East Asia for almost a decade. Jackie was a tireless promoter of the Segway PT across the region, including as a founding shareholder of Gogreen Segway Tours based out of Singapore.

Another of Jackie’s favourite things was the signed photo of Peter Jackson that I had got for him a couple of years earlier. He has this entire wall in his office filled with autographed photos of all the movie stars and directors he’s worked with, or in some cases those who he would love to work with in the future. In return, he signed a sign a Sport Red fender from a first-generation Segway HT i180 for me. A few years later Weird Al Yankovic signed one for me too, because I helped him keep it White and Nerdy during one of his NZ tours – for photo of that fender see our earlier article here (a star-packed post that also includes Segway stories about Justine Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Susan Sarandon, Peter Gabriel, Peter Garrett, Michael Cera, Kardashian Kylie Jenner, and Emmy winner Victor Miller of Friday 13th and Segway Polo fame).”

Philip Bendall riding Jackie Chan’s personal “White Dragon” custom Segway PT (Hong Kong 2008)

At Segway NZ we love doing one-off custom jobs. No job is too big, and no job is too small, as they say…

For example, one time we made an ‘Aston Martin’ branded Segway PT for a character dressed as James Bond to ride on into a Christmas staff party at Kiwi retail giant The Warehouse. There wasn’t much budget behind that particular job, so we used a can of silver-grey spray paint on the PT to give it the necessary hint of transformation into a DB-5, printed out some badges on a printer and stuck ’em on with double-sided tape!

And then there was that other time an ostrich photo-bombed a photoshoot…

The ostrich, the Ferrari Segway and the model.

Innovative new AI from Segway empowers new e-Scooters, e-Bikes and e-Mopeds for sharing fleets

Segway Unveils New AI-Powered Scooter at Micromobility Europe

AMSTERDAM, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Segway, a global leader in micro-mobility solutions, is unveiling its latest model of artificial intelligence (AI) – powered e-scooter at Micromobility Europe (MME) 2022, the industry’s most influential trade show this week in the Netherlands.

The S90L, to be introduced at MME 2022 for the first time, is an e-scooter [Moped class] that integrates a full spectrum of AI technologies optimized for shared use. As regulators and fleet operators demand increased safety and sustainability in shared vehicles, manufacturers have traditionally relied on third-party solutions for features such as lane detection and parking detection. Segway’s S90L marks the first time in the industry that all AI technologies – from intelligent sensors to algorithms – are designed and developed through one integrated platform: the Segway Pilot.

Segway’s new ‘AI’ e-Moped S90L, plus e-scooters (KickScooters) and e-bikes for sharing fleets

Powered by Qualcomm’s latest AI technologies and Segway’s own capabilities in computer vision and deep learning, Segway Pilot is a system that autonomously senses and detects diverse elements in an urban setting – such as sidewalks, parking slot, and pedestrian density – meanwhile safeguarding privacy by blurring facial characteristics at the time of image capture. Through visual and voice prompts, vehicles equipped with Segway Pilot – such as the S90L – provide real-time guidance and assistance to riders, thereby improving safety. Segway Pilot monitors various parking environments for operators and encourages responsible parking behavior from riders.

“We are proud of Segway Pilot’s capabilities in semi-autonomous driving”, says Yusen Qin, algorithm architecture, who is in charge of general management of AI and Robotics R&D of Segway-Ninebot. “AI is accelerating how shared micromobility adapts to evolving urban environments and regulatory requirements, and Segway is looking forward to working with partners in delivering innovative solutions through an open platform”.

In addition to the S90L, Segway is showcasing its full lineup of shared electronic vehicles in Amsterdam – such as e-bikes and e-mopeds. Each vehicle is powered by unique smart features, ranging from electric wheel locks to automatic helmet detection. Many of the models are already powering shared micromobility leaders such as Lyft, Tier and Helbiz.

Alan Zhao, General Manager of Commercial Mobility Business Division, Segway-Ninebot, believes that shared micromobility is embarking on another wave of growth in the post-pandemic world. “People around the globe are more conscientious than ever about the need for green transportation, and Segway is well-positioned to help the shared micromobility industry meet these new demands”. Earlier this year, Segway celebrated the production of its ten-millionth e-scooter, a remarkable milestone despite global supply chain disruptions.

Joined by over 1,000 industry participants, Segway is promoting the theme “the Dawn of AI and Micromobility” at MME 2022. The company champions the idea of “AIOT” – the blending of AI and IoT (internet of things) in not only shared electric vehicles, but also its software and hardware integration as an open platforms.

To learn more about Segway’s full lineup of products at MME 2022, visit:


20th Anniversary Edition Segway PTs, and products/parts/service update March 2022

Segway NZ’s 20th Anniversary Editions of the venerable, trusted and proven Segway Personal Transporter (PT) range are now available.

All models of these special collectors editions come complete with Extended Range Lithium battery packs, Front Bags, Parking Stands. The new battery packs provide around 30% increased range-per-charge with the latest ternary Li-Ion chemistry.

Segway PTs can be configured with a wide range of accessories for work, fun or mobility.

The very first Segway PTs (or HTs – ‘Human Transporters’ as they were known then) were delivered to selected commercial customers in mid-2002. US Mail, Boeing, FedEx and Boston and Atlanta Police Departments were amongst the earliest adopters. These early ‘HT i-100’ models were fitted with NiCad battery packs. An updated HT i-167 model with NiMH packs followed shortly after, and were so named because they offered 67% more range. The i-167 went on sale to consumers on 31 March 2003.

Twenty years later the Segway PT has evolved through many models and several generational improvements, including a shift to Lithium and now to Li-Ion extended range battery packs and development of LeanSteer. Models included the p-133, e-167, i-170, i-180, i-180 Police, GT, XT, then 2nd generation i2, x2, x2 Golf, and i2 & x2 Patrollers, and on to the refined SE revisions known as i2 SE and x2 SE that also include Patroller variants. And now, in 2022 the i2 SE and x2 SE are available from Segway NZ as a special 20th Anniversary collectors edition.

Segway i2 SE, x2 SE and x2 SE Turf (add the optional Golf kit) – 20th Anniversary Editions

Segway i2 SE ’20th Anniversary Edition’ with Extended Range battery packs:

  • $14,778.26+GST ($16,999)
  • includes Front Bag and Parking Stand
  • add pannier Cargo Cases or Bins
  • add InfoKey Accessories
  • add lightweight folding Segway Ramps or tow-bar carrier/power lift
  • add Stainless Steel fasteners upgrade
  • add Enhanced Traction Tyres (EET) on standard i2 SE wheels
  • add MAX Wheels
  • add Golf kit (the i2 SE is suitable for many golf courses in drier conditions when fitted with optional EET or MAX wheels, while the x2 SE Turf is suitable for all courses under all conditions)
  • reconfigure to Segway i2 SE Patroller (front shields, etc) – add $1,500+GST ($1,725)

Segway x2 SE (ATV wheels) ’20th Anniversary Edition’ with Extended Range battery packs:

  • $15,647.33+GST ($17,995)
  • includes Front Bag and Parking Stand
  • add pannier Cargo Cases or Bins
  • add InfoKey Accessories
  • add lightweight folding Segway Ramps or tow-bar carrier/power lift
  • add Stainless Steel fasteners upgrade
  • reconfigure to Segway x2 SE Patroller (front shields, etc) – add $1,500+GST ($1,725)

Segway x2 SE (Turf wheels) ’20th Anniversary Edition’ with Extended Range battery packs:

  • $15,647.33+GST ($17,995)
  • includes Front Bag and Parking Stand
  • add pannier Cargo Cases or Bins
  • add InfoKey Accessories
  • add lightweight folding Segway Ramps or tow-bar carrier/power lift
  • add Golf kit (suitable for all golf courses and conditions in New Zealand)
  • add Stainless Steel fasteners upgrade
  • reconfigure to Segway x2 SE Turf Patroller (front shields, etc) – add $1,500+GST ($1,725)

Segway Extended Range battery packs:

Compared with the original Valance Saphion chemistry packs (2006-2019), Segway’s latest Extended Range ternary chemistry Li-Ion packs (2020-) offer around 30% more range-per-charge.

  • Extended Range Battery pack: $2,495+GST ($2,869.45)

Segway Battery Testing and Recovery Service

Segway New Zealand has sophisticated testing and recovery equipment to analyse battery packs that are giving a red charging LED when plugged in for charging, cause an error when starting up the Segway PT, or cause a Safety Shutdown while riding. A red charging LED, start-up error or Safety Shutdown may indicate an over-discharged pack, ageing cells, cells that are getting too warm, pack is at end-of-life, etc

Our equipment “looks into” each pack to assess the voltages of the cell groups, and the temperature in 4 areas (revealing groups that have developed higher resistance). Another device plots a discharge capacity graph and temperature readout, from which actual charge capacity, performance under load, and likely future lifespan can be assessed. We also have three different battery pack ‘Revivers’ that can, in many cases, safely ‘reanimate’ an over-discharged or sleeping battery pack. Finally, our fast chargers can recharge a pack in less than half the time it takes to do so on a PT.

Segway Battery services: price varies by service performed – please enquire.

Price List of Common Replacement Parts for Segway PTs

Segway New Zealand provides a full range of parts and service for Segway Personal Transporters (PTs), Ninebot by Segway ES2 & ES4 & Max, Segway S-series/mini-Series (miniLITE, S-Pro/miniPRO, S-Plus/miniPLUS), GoKart, Drift W1 e-skates, and Loomo robot.

For Segway PTs, we keep replacement parts for current i2 SE & x2 SE models and previous i2 & x2 models (also known as “Gen 2”) in stock, including Golf and Patroller versions. For items not listed below, please call us on 0800 2 SEGWAY to enquire about pricing. We also have some new and many used parts for “Gen 1” models HT i180, i170, i167, XT and GT (and even a few parts for the p133).

We strongly recommend that owners refer to Segway’s Preventative Maintenance Guide and attend to service recommendations therein. The guide includes photos of tyre wear showing when replacement is necessary to ensure continued safe riding.

Price list of common replacement parts for Segway PTs (excluding GST)

Wheels & Tyres

  • Standard Tyre for i2 SE and i2: $195 (remember: traction is what keeps you and your Segway PT safely self-balancing; see photos of worn tyres in our Get a better grip article)
  • Enhanced Traction Tyre for i2 SE and i2: $225 (great for outdoor use – see our article about these and other i-series tyre options here)
  • Tube for i2 SE and i2: $35 (these tubes have the required “elbow” style valve stem; tubes with straight stems are almost impossible to inflate without first removing the wheel from the Segway PT)
  • Wheel kit for i2 SE and i2: $295 (this kit includes one plastic wheel rim fitted with tyre and tube, plus three new fasteners)
  • Wheel Cap (or Hub Cap) for i2 SE and i2: $25 each or $40 per pair
  • Wheel kit for x2 SE and x2: $395 (this kit includes one new-style steel wheel fitted with standard “ATV-style” tyre, plus three new fasteners; see our trade-in offer for original-style x2 wheels with aluminium hub adaptors and see photos of worn tyres in our Get a better grip article)
  • Wheel kit for x2 SE Turf/Golf and x2 Turf/Golf: $395 (this kit includes one aluminium wheel fitted with Turf tyre, plus three new fasteners; re-use the aluminium hub adaptors from your worn wheel, or buy a pair for $195 if you don’t have these)
  • MAX Wheel kit for i2 SE and i2: $395 (includes one aluminium wheel fitted with ‘Town & Country’ treaded tyre, plus three stainless steel fasteners; specially designed and built by BodyElectric in New Zealand; fits under i2 SE and i2 Fender, fits through standard doorway with ~3 cm to spare each side)

Handlebar, InfoKey and LeanSteer Frame

  • Handlebar fitted with pair of rubber Grips: $95
  • Pair of rubber Handlebar Grips: $50 (remove the worn grips from your handlebar and fit these replacements; see our article Worn, slippery grips need to be replaced)
  • InfoKey, programmed to your Segway PT’s serial number: $595 (includes delivery)
  • InfoKey button or screen repair: price on application (NB: most but not all damage InfoKeys can be repaired, but is worth a try!)
  • InfoKey button cell battery CR2430: between ~$15 and ~$20 for the highest quality, longest lasting brand available; do not use low-quality brands because they don’t last, don’t provide long range transmission, will drop the wireless connection between InfoKey and PT, will stop working in cold weather, and will encourage ‘hard pressing’ of buttons leading to premature InfoKey failure due to damage to the internal button springs); see our article Buy top quality, long-lasting InfoKey batteries from Segway New Zealand
  • InfoKey Dock and Bezel kit: $45 (contains one Dock & fastener, and three InfoKey Bezels – Dock, Lanyard and Smooth; InfoKeys will not remain firmly attached if either or both Dock and Dock Bezel are worn)
  • InfoKey Protector kit available in four colours: Black $55, Red $65, Green $65, White $65 (contains rubberised InfoKey protector and clear InfoKey screen protector)
  • InfoKey Wrist Strap kit: $55 (contains velcro Wrist Strap and wristwatch-orientation Bezel)
  • Segway NZ Height Adjust Wrench tool: $75
  • InfoKey Special Accessories kit: $125 (contains one Black InfoKey Protector kit (add $10 for colour), One InfoKey Wrist Strap kit, one Segway NZ Lanyard, one Segway NZ Height Adjust Wrench tool to easily tighten/loosen the LeanSteer Height Adjust knob)
  • LeanSteer Height Adjustment knob: $55
  • Red ‘FlyGuy’ Emblem for LeanSteer Stem of i2 SE and x2 SE: $45
  • Red ‘Flyguy’ Emblem for lower LeanSteer of i2 and x2: $45

Chassis and Trims

  • Stainless Steel Fastener upgrade kit: $195, or $245 including fitting (see our article Stainless Steel Fastener Upgrade Set)
  • Front or Rear Trim for PowerBase of i2 SE and x2 SE: $95
  • Front or Rear Trim for PowerBase of i2 and x2: $95
  • Centre Console Cover (with Charge Port flap) for i2 SE or x2 SE: $145
  • Centre Console Cover Trim (with Charge Port flap) for i2 or x2: $95
  • Centre Console Cover and Gasket for i2 and x2: $95 (excludes fitting)
  • Centre Console Housing for i2 and x2: $225 (excludes fitting)


  • Gearbox Elastomer for i2 SE, x2 SE, i2 and x2: $95 (includes free fitting)
  • Gearbox Coupling for i2 SE, x2 SE, i2 and x2: $195 (includes free fitting)
  • Gearbox kit for i2 SE, x2 SE, i2 and x2: $995 (includes new Gearbox Coupling, Gearbox Elastomer, Gearbox Gasket, three fasteners and free fitting)

Batteries & Charger

  • Segway Extended Range Lithium (Li-Ion Ternary) battery for all models: $2,495 (each)
  • Revival Service for over-discharged (red LED) Segway battery packs: price on application (we can revive most packs that have become over-discharged on a ‘no-revive, no fee’ basis, so it is worth a try)
  • Capacity Testing for Segway Lithium battery packs: $95 per pack (receive information and graphs revealing the current capacity of your pack compared with standardised new packs, together with estimated range-per-charge, and precise measurements on the internal temperature in four regions inside each pack; this information indicates the health of the pack and provides a baseline of how it is ageing over time; because a Segway PT performs only as well as the weakest pack attached to it this data is helpful when managing packs across multiple PTs to maximise range of each PT, and when assessing the benefits of replacing a single failed pack or both packs at the same time) 
  • pre-owned Lithium battery packs are often available (with warranty) – please enquire
  • UI (internal) Charger for i2 and x2: $1,995 (includes free fitting; may also require new Console Housing and/or Console Cover and Gasket)
  • Power Board and/or AC Filter (internal) for i2 SE and x2 SE: price on application
  • Off-board (external) Charger: price on application (compatible with all Segway battery types)

First-Generation Segway HT i167, i170, i180, XT, GT models

  • we have most parts available (some new, most used parts in good condition, all with warranty)
  • for all i-Series and GT model: wheels $95; tyres $50 to $125 (new); i180 silver wheel inserts $5 each (new)
  • for XT model: wheels with ATV tyre $395 (new)
  • Handlebar with User Interface $500; Turning Grip $250 to $500; Fixed Grip $100
  • CSB (Control Shaft Base) Charger (tested, fully functional, includes warranty) $995
  • PowerBase (tested, fully functional, includes keys and warranty) $1,995
  • battery options are new Segway Lithium (Li-Ion) battery packs (see above for prices) or repacking original NiMH battery packs (enquire for details)
  • other items available in stock include a selection of new and used Gearboxes, telescopic Control Shafts (with or without Handlebar), Fenders, Mats, Fender Frames, Lifting Handles, and more (enquire for details)

Price of Segway Dirt eBike products and parts

Segway X160: $ 5,213.04+GST ($5,995)

Segway X260: $7,821.74+GST ($8,995)

Phone Holder: free with every Segway Dirt eBike, available separately for $51.30+GST ($59)

Dashboard Centraliser: $25.22+GST ($29.00)

Peg Brace: $86.09+GST ($99)

Light Switch (X260 only): $68.70+GST ($79)

Accessories package (Dashboard Centraliser, Peg Brace and Light Switch): $173.04+GT ($199)

Spare Parts for X160 and X260 are in stock – call 0800 SEGWAY or 0800 2 SEGWAY


This price list is correct as of 11 March 2022, excludes GST and delivery charges (if any).

Note that prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Please phone us 0800 2 SEGWAY with any questions or for further explanation of part names, and for pricing on other parts and servicing.

Golfing by Segway in small-town NZ

Segway Golf Transporters are just about as popular on New Zealand’s small-town and rural golf courses as they are in our bigger cities.

The latest convert is Stephen Halliwall, who lives in Pirongia. Historically, this town has long been a strategically important within the Waikato region. For example, during the colonial period it was located as far up the Waipa River that steam ships could travel.

Stephen’s path to using his Segway Personal Transporter in a golf configuration has been a long one. He purchased a Segway PT for his elderly father to use as a mobility device about 15 years ago. At the time, his father was aged about 65, and while once a very physically active man he’d been curtailed by the onset of emphysema. Shortly after, his father was interviewed by Segway NZ News, saying:

“The Segway PT has changed my life. I’ve been an active sportsman all my years, but this disease quite suddenly confined me to my house. I wasn’t going to bee seen dead in a mobility scooter! When my son purchased the Segway PT for me it totally transformed my life. I was having trouble even walking down to the letterbox, but now I can travel into town, down to the sports club to see my mates, and basically do whatever I want when I want without having to rely on my wife.”

Segway NZ General Case Study of 100+ Segway mobility users 2004-2016.

After his father passed away, Stephen relocated the Segway PT to his home in Oamaru. He used it regularly to enjoy his commute between home and work, and it was during this period that he converted it from ‘i2’ to ‘x2’ configuration – by fitting off-road tyres to better deal with the terrain along the route.

Last year, he purchased a Segway Golf kit from Segway New Zealand, and has now fitted this to his Personal Transporter – converting it into a Golf Transporter.

Here is a photo Stephen sent us from his first day out it on Pirongia Golf Course (February 2022), reporting back with:

Hi Phil, I finally got out on the Segway for golf. Good fun, and quick evening nine holes at Pirongia Golf Club. Regards, Stephen.

Email to Segway NZ on 9 February 2022

For another example of the Segway Golf Transporter being the bee’s knees for getting around rural golf courses in New Zealand check out our article Kiwi golfer loves his ‘tinkered’ Segway x2 Golf.

Waiheke’s SegWai Segway Tours – good to go!

After four months of ‘Level 3 Covid Lockdown’ non-residents and tourists were once again welcome to travel to Waiheke Island from 15 December 2021.

Auckland harbour’s most-visited island had been closed to visitors between mid-August and mid-December 2021 due to Covid restrictions. During that period only island residents were able to ferry back and forth to the mainland.

But now, Waiheke Island is open again to all.

One of Waiheke’s most popular and most-loved attractions is SegWai guided Segway Tours. SegWai has been a consistently top-rated business at TripAdvisor and similar rating sites for the past 7 years.

Just before Christmas, SegWai completed their first corporate entertainment booking in many months, where they provided Segway-centric activities on-site at a popular vineyard. Afterwards, SegWai owner Andrew Lanyon said “The corporate event went really well and everyone had a ball.”

Guided tours for families, couples and individuals can be booked at the SegWai website with a choice of routes and durations.

Recently, Segway New Zealand visited SegWai to help undertake maintenance and upgrades on SegWai’s fleet of seven Segway x2 XE model Personal Transporters.

The weather was great, and we worked on the machines outdoors, in a beautiful spot under the shade of native trees with the summer sun in the sky above.

The Segway x2 SE model features large tyres that provide great comfort and grip. They’re more than capable of safely navigating a wide variety of terrain, from roadways and clay tracks, across grass and through mud, over rocks, through sand and – yes – snow. Guests on SegWai’s tours get to experience all of those many types of terrain as they explore Waiheke Island (except, of course, for snow).

Tauranga Air Show to be patrolled by Segway PTs

“The Airfield will be under attach by a squadron of Eastern Bloc aircraft”

– Classic Flyers is pleased to announce our Tauranga City Air Show will take place on Sunday 30th January 2022. On the ground assisting with airfield defence are over 80 classic cars on display as part of the Bay of Plenty Mustang Owners Club.

This year, Segway NZ will again be providing a fleet of Segway Patrollers – to help protect the Tauranga City Air Show on 30 January 2022 from…foes on feet!

For more than a decade this event has featured Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) as part of the security and event management detail. Search “Air Show” at Segway NZ News to read previous articles.

Watchdog Security are again hiring Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) in a variety of configurations for their staff to utilise during the event. Some Segway PTs will have x2SE model “off-road” ATV tyres or Turf tyres, one will have the BodyElectric ‘MAX’ wheel and tyre combination, and the remainder will be i2SE style.

Each configuration brings benefits, depending on the area of the Showgrounds where it will be deployed on the day (for example, perimeter, carpark, heavy pedestrian areas, etc). All PTs will be fitted with Segway Patroller front shields and rider-facing bags, or standard front bags.

Segway NZ’s ‘Year of the Dirt Bike’ (2021)

Segway New Zealand launched the Segway Dirt Bike range at the beginning of 2021, shortly after receiving our first demo unit in October 2020.

Our first customer purchased a X160 in January, and the first X260s arrived in time for delivery to customers during February.

By year-end, we had dozens of excited and thrilled Dirt Bike customers spread nationwide, ranging from off-road enthusiasts to farmers to forestry contractors. Test rides have been offered throughout the year at our rural property near Woodhill Forest (North West Auckland), except during Covid Alert Levels 4 and 3.

In addition to offering our comprehensive factory-backed warranty, full service, and holding spare parts in stock, Segway New Zealand also selected and imported a range of really useful third-party after-market accessories for sale.

In articles published here at Segway NZ News and in broader advertising and promotions we highlighted the benefits of Segway electric Dirt Bikes to the wider public (for example, here). We identified and recommended three handy ways to transport your Segway Dirt Bike on the back of your car.

Despite 2021 being fraught with production delays at the factory (due to widely reported component shortages and disruptions to supply chains), and repeated instances of our containers experiencing shipping delays between China and New Zealand, over the past year we successfully imported half-a-dozen consignments that included Segway Dirt Bikes (including this one in June). Even though Covid and lockdowns disrupted lives and business across New Zealand (and especially in the Greater Auckland region), by the end of 2021 demand for the X260 was still exceeding our ability to source stock. By the last day of 2021 only a couple X160s were left unsold from our latest shipment. At this point no more Dirt Bikes are in transit, nor available ex-factory – so be quick if you want a X160 (and be in touch if you want a X260, as we still might be able to find a way to help you).

Segway New Zealand sold the majority of Dirt Bikes directly to our customers, and a small number were sold through our resellers. In addition to our long-established Segway Dealers in Wellington and Christchurch, we also advanced plans to establish more sales points nationwide (adding five retailers in North Island, and one in South Island). Ultimately, there was insufficient supply of stock available during 2021 to fully open these new channels (only a couple of the new North Island resellers received initial stock).

December 2021: two lucky customers are getting Segway X160s personally delivered just in time for Christmas!

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