Lime brings (Segway) dock-less ‘Sharing Scooters’ to Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington

Lime is bringing its popular dock-less ‘sharing kickscooters’ to Christchurch and (probably) to Auckland and Wellington. According to Stuff’s article 700 Shared electric scooters to be let loose on Christchurch streets the city council has approved a trial that is expected to begin later this month. If successful, the number of scooters deployed in that city is expected to double.

The new Lime-S Segway Edition, powered by Segway.

Lime is best-known for deploying thousands of Ninebot by Segway KickScooters across dozens of cities in the United States. An application is currently before Auckland Council to deploy 1,000 scooters in New Zealand’s largest city.

Scooter sharing businesses rely on a having a critical mass of devices deployed and scattered around a town, so there is likely to be an scooter nearby and ready for use whenever someone wants one. This is a classic example of the multiplying power of what is known as ‘the network effect.’ Scooters can be found by simply looking about, or via a map displayed by the Lime App that shows the location of all nearby scooters.

According to the Stuff article the scooters will cost $1 to unlock and $0.30 per minute to use:

The scooters, which operate in more than 80 places around the world, will cost $1 to unlock and 30 cents per minute to use, or $18 an hour. Users find, unlock and pay for them using an app. The dockless system means people can leave them at their destination.

Users are required to be 18 years of age or more.

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel is particularly enthusiastic about Lime coming to the city, citing the flexibility that kickscooters (defined as ‘wheeled recreational devices’ fitted with auxiliary motors with up to 300 Watt power output) offer city-dwellers:

Mayor Lianne Dalziel said not having to wear a helmet was what she loved about the scooters.

“All of the evidence shows that wearing a helmet puts you at far greater risk than not wearing a helmet and that is because people assume that if you are wearing a helmet you are safer than you are. I don’t feel the same way about children. I think children should wear helmets.

“Let grown-ups be grown-ups. Let people take some risks but also have some fun.”

She said the top speed of 27kmh was not the speed the scooters would normally be ridden at.

“I just think it will take off and do really really well.”

Christchurch considers itself a city that is open to trying new ideas, and doubtless deployments of Lime scooters in Auckland and Wellington will follow (Lime is advertising for an Operations Manager in Wellington here).

In the view of Stuff’s Blayne Slabbert, Electric scooters could be Kiwi answer to congestion.

In USA Lime deploys the Ninebot by Segway ES1/ES2 Kickscooters, to which Lime attaches their own custom, lime-coloured box that contains immobiliser/mobiliser, GPS and QR/barcode reading components that work in conjunction with the Lime App. Earlier this year Lime launched their Lime-S Segway Edition version kickscooter, powered of course by Segway. It is expected Lime will deploy Segway KickScooters in New Zealand, too.

According to our information, a locally owned scooter sharing start-up business is also likely to launch in at least one of these three cities, providing competition to Lime.

Similarly, opportunities likely exist for Kiwi businesses wanting to offer dock-less shared scooters and/or docked hire scooters (i.e. return to point-of-hire) in smaller towns, at hotels and resorts, on worksites, and on campuses. The self-balancing Segway PT and Segway miniPLUS are also suitable for these roles.

Segway New Zealand invites start-ups and other interested parties to contact us on 0800 2 SEGWAY because we offer a complete Segway-built, out-of-the box solution that includes our latest commercial grade KickScooter, client App, and complete back-end support that automates customer billing, location data, safety/incident reporting, etc.



Segway rules ‘KickScooter Sharing’ segment, with new IoT model to come

Segway-Ninebot will launch a new, connected, IoT (Internet of Things) version of their popular KickScooter designed to meet the specific needs of the burgeoning ‘electric kickscooter sharing’ revolution.


Early details were announced at IFA, Berlin, Germany (31st August to 5 September, 2018):

KickScooter sharing
With a successful start in the United States where KickScooter sharing projects have become the revolutionized way of transportation in urban areas, Europe is quickly following. Sharing KickScooters in cities bring a solution to congested and polluted areas and improves urban sustainability. KickScooter sharing make commuting more efficient, fun, cheaper and environmentally friendly. Following the U.S., Segway-Ninebot will be one of the main partners for sharing projects in Europe and has developed, next to the current consumer KickScooter models ES1 & ES2, a dedicated sharing KickScooter model to fully service the enterprise market.

Throughout 2018 the Ninebot by Segway ES2 has been the primary choice of KickScooter deployed by US sharing fleet operators such as Bird and Lime.

Segway New Zealand offers the ES2 model to Kiwi KickScooter sharing/KickScooter hiring businesses right now, and will offer the enterprise model to commercial operators as soon as it becomes available. For more information call Philip Bendall on 0800 2 SEGWAY

Rod Drury ( “I love my ES2…[it] has transformed Wellington for me. I set meetings on the other side of town now” [plus Segway NZ at MORGO 2018 & Gift Fair]

Rod Drury (, AfterMail, Trade Me, etc) is an enthusiastic user of his Segway KickScooter ES2 around the streets of Wellington.

Rod Drury on his Segway KickScooter: “I love my ES2…[it] has transformed Wellington for me. I set meetings on the other side of town now”

In addition to being one of New Zealand’s best-known and most successful technology entrepreneurs, Rod was also one of our earliest customers – buying his first Segway Personal Transporter in 2004, his second in 2008. He was also a ferocious and competitive member of New Zealand’s pioneering Segway Polo team – the Pole Blacks (2005-2008).

Rod Drury has been a regular attendee at MORGO, the annual two-day retreat for Kiwi technology entrepreneurs. Over the years Rod’s been amongst the first to try the latest products Segway New Zealand brings along to MORGO every year. For example, here he is on the first self-balancing electric unicycle in the Southern Hemisphere, back in 2011. On that note, Segway NZ is bringing the latest Ninebot by Segway ONE Z10 to New Zealand this month. The first shipment has already sold out before it arrives, so if you want a Z10 from the next shipment call us now on 0800 2 SEGWAY

Morgo 2018 Segway trio.JPG
Foreground: a trio of Segway products attending MORGO in Queenstown (August 2018). Background: the steamship TSS Earnslaw.



MORGO 2018 was held in Queenstown 30-31 August, and delegates had the opportunity to ride the full-sized Segway x2 SE as well as the latest Segway miniPLUS, miniLITE and KickScooter ES2.

Segway products featured at the Auckland Spring Gift Fair at the end of August 2018. Our newest products arrive in September 2018: Drift W1 e-skates and ONE Z10 electric unicycle.

Gift Fair 2018.JPG
Segway products at Auckland Spring Gift Fair 2018



Our stand doubled in size overnight at EV World (and we learnt interesting new things from first-time users of Segway KickScooters and mini-Series)

EV World Satuday 2.jpg

[This post was UPDATED on 20 August 2018]

After Day 1 of EVworld, Segway NZ took the opportunity to double the size of our stand overnight. By the time the public began to pour into the venue on the morning of Saturday 11 August our stand was twice as big and colourful as the day before. Which was just was well because the event was packed with people on Day 2.

EV World Saturday 3.jpg

Outside, the Low Powered Vehicle test track had queues of people lined up on this warm and sunny winter day. The public were invited to ride the Segway KickScooter (with Extra Battery pack) around the e-Bike course, and to ride the Segway miniLITE, miniPRO and miniPLUS both around the course and also in another nearby area.

This safe riding area gave the public a great opportunity to compare the differences and advantages between an e-Bike, a power-assisted KickScooter and a self-balancing personal transporter.

A lot of people had their first-ever ‘moment of realisation’ about the real-life benefits of using a KickScooter or mini-Series for getting out and about, running errands, and commuting. Sometimes you just have to try something before you “get it.”

Based on the queues of people we had waiting for a chance to ride the Segway KickScooter and Segway mini-Series, we think hundreds of people went away convinced of the benefits of these very practical new ‘last mile’ solutions. Both offer safe, lightweight mobility options that are easy to carry and easy to store (including on your car’s back seat or in the boot (trunk).

One thing that surprised us was just how many younger people and how many older people were really attracted to using our Segway products (whereas e-Bikes seemed to attract middle-aged riders).

Older people remarked to us how they really liked the idea of how they could use a KickScooter on the relative safety of a footpath, or on a shared path. Another interesting comment (made by an elderly woman who currently rides an e-Bike) was the observation how the wide open, step-on/step-off design of the KickScooter and mini-Series were devoid of peddles, cables and hard metal surfaces found on e-bikes that can bruise the thin skin of an older person when they are cycling. We’d never thought of that benefit ourselves.

Update on 20 August 2018: According to the show organisers, more than 4,400 people attended EVworld 2018. This is about double the number who attended the inaugural show last year. The next event is EVworld South, in Christchurch 23-24 November 2018.

EV World Saturday1.jpg

EV World – see Segway there! (Auckland, 2018)


EV World opened today – and tomorrow’s crowd is expected to be huge.

Come along on Saturday 11 August 2018 at Auckland ASB Showgrounds to see a show packed with just about every kind of electric car, heavy vehicle, light motorbike, e-Bike, plus associated sectors ranging from major energy and charging station businesses to automation and domestic solar energy gear.


Segway New Zealand has a very prominent site at EV World 2018, and we’re showing off every product we’ve got!

See our best-selling Segway KickScooters (ES2 & ES4), our small and very agile Segway mini-Series (miniLITE, miniPRO, miniPLUS with wireless follow-me mode), and of course our legendary full-size Segway Personal Transporters (i2 SE, x2 SE, plus Golf and Patroller versions).


You can even reach out and touch the only genuine Ferrari-branded Segway PT you’re ever likely to see in your entire lifetime. We only show off this particular prized possession at a public show once a year, and this is 1 of only 40 Segway PTs that ere customised by hand in Ferrari’s factory in Maranello, Italy. It is also only 1 of only 2 located in the Southern Hemisphere.*

Plus we’ve got big colourful banners of new products coming soon – the DRIFT W1 e-Skates and the Gokart kit for Segway miniPRO. You’re going to be able to buy these devices sooner than you think, so come chat to us at EV World about how you can be first in the Southern Hemisphere (and amongst the very first individuals in the whole world) to own a pair of DRIFT W1’s. They sure look like a lot of fun to us!


We’re also looping video of the Segway ONE Z10 electric unicycle (EUC) in extreme off-road action!

The Segway ONE Z10 is eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts and novices alike because it quite probably going to be the single best ‘wheel’ ever that’s ideal for both beginners and very experienced riders. It won’t be cheap…but boy will it be good! The first Segway ONE Z10’s will be here in NZ very soon. We’ve already got customers who’ve put down a deposit…maybe you should too?


* that other Ferrari Segway PT just happens to also be in Auckland, New Zealand…but unless you’re very well connected you’re unlikely to ever see it.

First DRIFT W1 poster revealed at NZ trade show…get ready to pre-order!

The first pull-up banner in New Zealand promoting the new Segway DRIFT W1 e-Skates was pulled up, alongside banners advertising the popular Segway KickScooter and self-balancing Segway miniLITE.

The banner was revealed at a retailer-only trade show somewhere around the country this morning (Shhhh! We can’t reveal where!)….and what this means is you’ll be able to pre-order the DRIFT W1 sooner than you think – so soon that you could be riding your own pair of W1’s during September 2018. And that means probably sooner than anyone else who lives below the Equator…

Drift miniLITE ES2 PaperPlus.JPG

Drift W1 unboxing and first-ride videos

iJustine unboxing and riding the Segway DRIFT W1’s for the first time

Vloggers have been releasing Segway DRIFT W1 unboxing and first-ride experiences on YouTube and social media.

Two of our favourites so far are gorgeous iJustine’s excellent outing she playfully calls Segway Shoes!!!! (~9 minutes) and TechSmartt’s The $399 Segway DRIFT “Hovershoes” (4 minutes).

Segway, Inc.’s own 45 second teaser video for the DRIFT W1’s dropped about a month ago. If you haven’t already seen this yet it is well worth checking out – see a girl and a guy glide through the streets to meet up and along Venice Beach, see them doing turns and spins, navigating cobbles and bumps, and generally getting out-and-about, enjoying the warm, high-energy and Kodachrome-colour of the California Dreaming lifestyle in Uber-cool 21st Century-style!

These videos show just how easy it is for first-time riders to get on and take their first-ever ride on the DRIFT W1’s, and just how good you can become as you master this melding of ‘man and machine’. Because the DRIFT W1’s self-balance they’re way easier than roller blades, roller skates or skateboards – yet enable you to express yourself in much the same ways. And in some fresh styles too!

If you’ve been wondering how the DRIFT W1’s are put together, here’s an exploded shot.


And if you’ve decided you’re the kind of person who wants to be one of the very first to own a pair of DRIFT W1’s in the entire Southern Hemisphere then you better grab your device and call us today on 0800 2 SEGWAY or email us at


Segway DRIFT e-Skates launch in US, coming to NZ soon!

Segway launched the brand new DRIFT W1 e-Skates in Los Angeles today, and they’re coming to New Zealand in time to make this summer a lot of fun!

DRIFT single skate photo.jpg

You’ve never experienced a way to move and have fun like this before! Agile, lightweight and designed for maximum comfort, Segway DRIFT W1’s are fun to master – gliding, spinning, doing tricks – the possibilities are endless.


Segway New Zealand is bringing the DRIFT W1 down-under in time for our Kiwi Summer. We think Segway’s DRIFT is going to be the hottest Christmas present this season.

DRIFT Beach.jpg

As always, Segway New Zealand will be first in the Southern Hemisphere to stock and sell this latest product from Segway-Ninebot. Ask us when the first shipment is arriving or pre-order by calling us on 0800 2 SEGWAY or email


The Segway DRIFT W1 is a UL2272 safety certified product, and has App control (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth connectivity. They’re light enough to carry with you, with each e-Skate weighing just 3.5kg.


You can glide as fast as 12 km/h for up to 45 minutes per charge (depending on terrain, rider weight and riding style, of course).

DRIFT Unlimited.jpg

Segway announced another new product today. The ‘GoKart’ kit is cleverly powered by the Segway miniPRO, and it’s coming to New Zealand later this year.GoKart1.jpg

The Go Kart a great new way for Segway miniPRO owners to have even more fun! And is another great reason to buy the Segway miniPRO if you don’t already have one.

We also welcome commercial enquiries. The Go Kart can be deployed as an amusement device for kids at fairs and fun parks, replacing noisy petrol-driven karts and other electric karts. After being installed in the Go Kart kit the Segway miniPRO is expected to provide a range of more than 20km per charge on smooth surfaces. Fresh battery packs can be swapped out in just 1 minute. No more petrol, no more noise, and dramatically fewer moving parts to maintain. Enquire today 0800 2 SEGWAY




DRIFT into the future….tomorrow!


By lunchtime tomorrow (NZ time) the new Segway DRIFT W1 e-Skates will have been revealed at Segway’s global launch event in Los Angeles. Look for videos and information online, and full details in our next Segway NZ News article.

Segway New Zealand will have the first pairs of DRIFT W1 samples arriving in the Southern Hemisphere next month – and pairs for you to buy from Q4 2018.

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