Jumping x2’s on Peanut Chews

Segway PTs have featured in many television adverts. Segway New Zealand provided the self-balancing e167 model fitted with side bags for a Telecom Xtra commercial in 2006.

A Segway x2 is featured at the end of ad for “Peanut Chews” that is currently playing on New Zealand television stations that features an x2. You can view it here on You-Tube.

You can see some extreme Segway PT riding including jumps and stairs here, more off-road riding here, and down spiral stairs here on You-Tube.

Parking Wardens on Segway PTs double productivity

Not only has productivity doubled, but adding Segway PTs to Seattle’s parking enforcement department has enabled it to become fully staffed for the first time.

Segway PTs enable staff to write 50% to 100% more tickets per day, so the machines pay for themselves in no time. Officers are now doing a markedly more effective job of ensuring parking spaces are fairly vacated to that everyone hasa fair opportunity of finding a parking space. Ticket revenues go into the general revenue fund to pay for improved city services.

When performed on foot, the role of Parking Warden is physically exhausting. Not only is it difficult to find staff willing to do the job, staff turn-over is very high. Segway PTs make this job attractive to a far wider range of individuals, making it easier to find and employ the most suitable people for the job.

View an article and video here.

SegFest 2008 and the Woz Challenge Cup

The world’s largest gathering of Segway PT enthusiasts gathered in Indianapolis last week for SegFest 2008. Activities included a glide around the Indianapolis 500 racetrack, the launch of new accessories for the Segway PT, and the 2008 international Segway PT Polo Championship for the Woz Challenge Cup.

While the New Zealand Pole Blacks were unable to attend this year, four US and one German team competed, with California’s Gold Rush beating the Aftershocks 3:2 on the day.

Catch a great video and article here.

Brand new website launched

Segway New Zealand launched a brand new website today.

Over the next month more content will be added, including New Zealand Case Studies, comments from Kiwi owners, and examples of commercial customers.

News Archive from previous website

This is an archive of News published on Segway New Zealand’s previous website during the period late-2005 through to mid-2008. When the current website was launched in August 2008, the publishing of News moved to WordPress.

14 May 2008: Governments in USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and many other places have conducted in-depth, long-term and detailed safety studies on the Segway PT, and all have determined they are safe and appropriate for use in pedestrian environments. No studies have concluded otherwise.

12 May2008: Today Auckland City Council enters week 4 of a 6 week trial of two Segway PTs. The first 3 weeks have been very successful, with the PTs being used by a variety of departments in everyday roles. The purpose of the trial is to determine if there are roles within Council where Segway PTs can be used to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and improve quality of service. The small, safe, zero-emission, Segway PT is already in use by councils all around the world, as well as by more than 700 police departments. Cities such as Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and Atlanta have been operating fleets of PTs for up to 5 years, and Segway NZ believes there is opportunity for Auckland City to lead the way in NZ to demonstrate how local governments can save taxpayers money by using PTs in suitable applications.

1 May 2008: Segway NZ announces the stunning new Metallic Sage colour option for Segway i2 models. Some say its a silvery green and others see a hint of gold. IN STOCK NOW

20 April 2008: Hamilton City Council used four PTs fitted with “Ask Me for Help” signs and carrying knowledgeable staff to roam throughout the V8 event assisting and advising the public. Also, they exhibited two PTs as part of their Sustainable Transport site at the National Motor Show.

14 April 2008: We provided Segway PTs for scenes in Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury – catch a new episode every week on Juice TV.

1 April 2008: Segway NZ provided 5 PTs for Auckland hip-hop Ethical’s new music video “On My Throne” – watch out for it on TV soon. We also provided a PT for scenes in episodes of “Jungle Fever 2: Primal Fury” debuting on JuiceTV Monday 7 April (a new episode plays every week thereafter), and for Jono’s New Show on C4.

10 March 2008: Idealog magazine (March/April’08 issue) features the Segway x2. NZ Golf magazine staff used a Segway x2 Golf for transport and photography around the NZ PGA Tournament at Clearwater Estate during February, and discuss its benefits in their editorial (see March’08 issue). PTs have been used at summer festivals such as Pacifica and will soon be used at WOMAD.

23 January 2008: Today’s NZ Herald covers the use of a Segway x2 by TV camerman Tony Wilson to film the A1GP motorsport. Drivers also enjoyed a game of Segway PT Polo after the final races.

22 January 2008: St John’s Segway PTs are busy patrolling summer events such as Big Day Out, Santa rode a PT on Sunrise’s Christmas Special (TV3), and commuter magazine Rush Hour reviewed the PT as an alternative to petrol scooters.

2 December 2007: Wired rates Segway PT Polo the #2 Geek Sport….

28 November 2007: See and ride the golf version of the Segway PT in action at the NZ Open at The Hills, Queenstown.

2 November 2007: See the new Ferrari Segway PT at our site at Big Boys Toys! Watch excellent post-event TV coverage featuring the Segway PT on Prime and on C4.

31 October 2007:
Media coverage galore – TV3’s Sunrise (watch in Gadget Show archives), leading technology writer Peter Griffin covers our Segway PT Polo games in California for PC World (November issue, on sale now), last week’s BOP Times article with Tauranga Mayor on a Segway PT launching its new Transport Policy, Waikato Times featuring Mayor campaigning on a Segway PT, The Cut golf magazine has full-page feature on the new x2 Golf model (October issue).

2 September 2007:
Here is the new Pole Blacks website, the NZ Segway PT Polo team.

25 August 2007: Our BRAND NEW fully updated website is under construction and will go live in about two weeks.

24 August 2007: Segway NZ wins “Q2 Best Practice Award” from Segway, Inc. for our golf magazine advertising promotion.

12 August 2007: Eagle vs Shark (opens 16 August) is the new film by Taika Waititi and features scenes filmed on a Segway PT by Hamish McIntrye. Other films that feature scenes shot by Hamish on his PT include King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia, River Queen and Out of the Blue.

1 July 2007: We’re providing Segway PTs for “RoboSpeak” – MOTAT‘s School Holiday Program 29 June-15 July. UPDATE: A record 12,000 visitors attended MOTAT’s winter school holiday program.

26-27 June 2007: Segway NZ exhibits at National Security Association Conference in Auckland.

11 June 2007: Worldwide, more than 300 Police Departments and 100 Commercial security companies operate fleets of Segway PTs to patrol the busiest streets, urban areas and shopping malls, carparks, airports and train stations, recreational areas and trails, beachfronts, and amusement parks. The Segway PT has proven so useful in the field that cites such as Boston, Chicago and Atlanta operate dozens of Segway PTs each.

4 May 2007: Segway goes even greener– with the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits for carbon-neutral recharging of every Segway PT sold during 2007, and the release of a White Paper cleanly demonstrating just how much more efficient traveling by PT is compared with cars, hybrids, SUVs, motorbikes and scooters.

18 April 2007: Climb the world’s steepest street on a Segway PT! Kevin Hey fromSegway on Queenstown riding up Dunedin’s Baldwin Street.

2 March 2007: PC World NZ (on sale now) names the new Segway x2 as one of the Top 20 innovations of 2006!

21 December 2006: Enjoy summer on a great-value pre-owned Segway HT. Buy now from as little as ~$5 per day!

26 November 2006: Just in time for Christmas, the new Segway PT i2 and x2 models are now available in New Zealand. See the new Segway models in action at the NZ Golf Open this week.

7 October 2006: One third of the Segway PTs in NZ have now had their software upgraded, including all PTs in mission-critical roles nationwide and all PTs located in the South Island. Upgrading the remainder of PTs in the North Island is expected to be complete before the end of October.

30 September 2006: Four independant agencies from around the world have evaluated the safety of Segway PT in pedestrian and other environments. Read summaries of their findings, or download the full reports.

25 September 2006: All owners are requested to contact Segway NZ if they have not received a letter about the free software upgrade. Our target is to upgrade all units in NZ by the end of the third week of October.

15 September 2006: Segway NZ announces a voluntary recall of all first-generation Segway models (i167, i170, i180, XT, GT, e167, p133) to provide a free software upgrade to resolve an issue which could, under very unusual circumstances, cause the wheels to unexpectedly reverse torque resulting in a fall. For more information call 0800 2 SEGWAY and read this

7 September 2006: Customers can borrow “Code Name Ginger” book about the invention of the Segway – see Parts for details.

16 August 2006: Segway, Inc. announce the new i2 and x2 range of Segway Personal Transporters (PT) featuring LeanSteer technology. Contact us now for information on availability. And check out our great deals on TwistGrip Segway HTs too.

28 July 2006: Instantly finance the purchase of your new Segway HT – simply complete Genera Finance’s on-line form and have your application confirmed in under 5 minutes (during business hours) and your Segway delivered tomorrow. Visit our TRY & BUY page now.

4 July 2006: Philip Bendall is visiting USA for a Segway Conference in Boston. On 2 July he enjoyed playing Segway HT Polo with members of the Aftershocks in Silicon Valley, California.

19 June 06: The Segway XT has been demonstrated to the Agricultural Health & Safety Council in Wellington as a safer alternative to traditional ATVs and Quad Bikes in a wide variety of applications. Council members, which include representatives from Federated Farmers, ACC, and MAF, were very impressed.

4 June 06: Segway NZ is an Exhibiting Sponsor at the National Security Association Conference 22-23 June, Wellington, where the new HT i180 Police model will feature.

3 June 06: New Segway HT/XT Polo Packages on our MODELS and PARTS pages. Or playSegway HT Polo for staff entertainment or client reward – book on our HIRE page.

24 May 06:
Record high demand for Segway Human Transporters during this Northern Hemisphere Summer has the factory working at full capacity, and there are already lead-time waits on new stock. Segway NZ currently has VERY LIMITED numbers of HT i180 (all colours, plus Police and Cargo), XT and GT models in stock – buy now for immediate delivery, as delays are expected in the future. The p133 is currently sold out.
release. Upgrade details will be posted here early next week, and known owners will be contacted by mail. All owners are invited to contact Segway NZ. After upgrading, all i167 and i170 models will be capable of utilising Lithium batteries. From today, all Segway PT models, including the brand new i2 and x2, already ship with this upgrade installed and are not affected by this recall.17 February 06: The NZ Pole Blacks and US Aftershocks played to a 2:2 draw today in the historic first-ever International Championship Match of Segway HT Polo.

10 February 06: Steve “Woz” Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) and his “Aftershocks” team arrive in NZ to play Segway HT Polo against the NZ Pole Blacks. The public are invited to meet and hear Woz speak at a Gala Dinner on Friday 17, view our first game at The Quary, Western Springs Park 10am-1pm Saturday, and see the conclusive championship game held at the NZ Horse Polo Open on Sun 19.

22 December 05: More than 10,000 people have now taken the 2 hour guided tour on Segway HTs around Disneyland (Epcot). Here in New Zealand you can hire a Segway HT for an afternoon of fun, for a whole weekend or even longer – see our Hire and our Try & Buy pages for offers.

27 November 05: Watch an awesome Segway XT video (this link takes you to another website).

7 October 05: Segway, Inc. licences “Smart Motion” to WowWee Ltd, maker of the hugely successful “Robosapien” and “Roboraptor” robot toys. The first high-tech Robonetics entertainment product to roll on self-balancing, two-wheeled technology will debut in the second half of 2006.

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