Parking Wardens on Segway PTs double productivity

Not only has productivity doubled, but adding Segway PTs to Seattle’s parking enforcement department has enabled it to become fully staffed for the first time.

Segway PTs enable staff to write 50% to 100% more tickets per day, so the machines pay for themselves in no time. Officers are now doing a markedly more effective job of ensuring parking spaces are fairly vacated to that everyone hasa fair opportunity of finding a parking space. Ticket revenues go into the general revenue fund to pay for improved city services.

When performed on foot, the role of Parking Warden is physically exhausting. Not only is it difficult to find staff willing to do the job, staff turn-over is very high. Segway PTs make this job attractive to a far wider range of individuals, making it easier to find and employ the most suitable people for the job.

View an article and video here.

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