Big Boys Toys 2008



Check us out at Big Boys Toys
Check us out at Big Boys Toys




Visit Segway NZ’s outstanding Stand #3087 in Hall 3 this week and see our Ferrari Segway i2. This one of only two examples in the Southern Hemisphere – only 40 were ever made in the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy.

We’ve also got every Segway PT model on display: White, Black and Metallic Sage i2’s in Commuter and Security packages, the x2 Adventure and the x2 Golf.

We have all the accessories on show and for sale, including the brand new InfoKey Skin.

You’ll also see Big Boys Toys staff cruising the show on Segway PTs we’ve loaned the organisers for use during setup and operation. One of these is the rare e-167 model (2002-2005) cargo model which stands in place on an “electronic kickstand” when you dismount. The productivity benefits of the Segway PT at large sites like this is of almost immeasurable value – staff get much more done in a fraction of the time. 

Friday 14 November: 10am-9pm

Saturday 15 November: 9am-9pm

Sunday 16 November: 9am-6pm

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