Police multiply street presence 6-fold on PTs

Police officers are increasing their street presence up to 6-fold on Segway PTs. New Zealand remains one of just a couple of Western countries yet to benefit from Police officers on Segway PTs. Worldwide the PT has become an officer’s transportation of choice for standing out in crowded terminals, patrolling large areas more efficiently than on foot, and responding to emergencies quickly and effortlessly.

More than 1,000 police and security departments now operate Segway PT fleets. South Africa’s Cape Town Police began using PTs in December 2008:

“Members on foot patrol would take at least an hour to an hour and a half to patrol the area.  However, on the Segway PT, members would be able to patrol the same area within 15 minutes” says Sgt. R. D. Paulsen, Equestrian Unit, Area West.

This is a 6-fold increase in productivity, meaning officers can be present and seen patrolling an area six times more often per day than on foot.

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