Segway PT: Essential Event Management Tool

The Segway PT has proven itself in the field as a key productivity tool for event management staff, here and overseas. Last week, three Segway PTs were hard at work at the A1GP in Taupo, adding to the list of events where management staff, contractors, service providers and emergency response teams have leveraged the unique capabilities of the Segway PT. Other recent events where PTs have played a key role include Big Day Out, Big Boys Toys, NZ Open, NZ PGA, Hamilton V8 International Championship, Santa Parades in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, Christchurch Arts Festival, Parachute and the WOMAD Festival.

Ask for a copy of our new productivity Case Studies:

  • Event Management and the Segway PT: indispensable tool
  • Auckland Hospital delivers mail 300% faster on PT
  • PT use at Tertiary Institutions in NZ
  • Locksmiths and Custodians use PTs at Canterbury University
  • Mail Delivery using PTs at University of Canterbury.”

Since 2005 Auckland’s St John have operate two Segway PTs kitted out with emergency equipment than a person can carry to rapidly transport staff through large events such as Big Day Out crowds, where bicycle medics and golf carts can’t penetrate.

This week 25 Segway PTs are being used at the worlds largest single sporting event – the US Super Bowl – by NBC Sports, Tribe event management, Tampa Police and Fire Department, American Automobile Association, and more.

Ferrari Segway PT on display at the VIP Hospitality Bar - A1GP, Taupo
Ferrari Segway PT on display at the VIP Hospitality Bar - A1GP, Taupo

One thought on “Segway PT: Essential Event Management Tool

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  1. Hi Philip.
    Hope you are well.
    We agree. Segways are the perfect animal for Home Show and Boat Shows and things of that nature. We would love to have a Segway at the Home Show this year. Dates: 22-24 May 2009.
    It would be great to have it for the busy part of the buildup as it saves my legs a lot.
    Struth I’ll have to buy one shortly if I carry on like this.
    Happy to have you at the show if it works for you time wise.
    Trust all is well.
    Kind regards.

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