Tauranga businesses using PTs – one, two, three, more!


Bayfair Mall

Security staff at Bayfair Mall are patrolling up to four times better than before thanks to a Segway PT. When walking, a ’round’ of the mall and expansive, multi-floor car park takes half an hour. On a PT, as little as 7 minutes. That means staff can complete up to eight rounds per hour, instead of just two. Not only are staff more easily seen elevated an extra 20cm they can be seen better too. In the event of an emergency they can arrive at the scene sooner, with energy to spare.

According to the most recent figures, typical New Zealand retailers lose at least 2% of stock per year to theft (“shoplifting”), which can cost a small business up to 20% of profit. Greater, more regular presence of security staff is an effective deterrent, and at about $1 per hour the PT is easily the most cost-effective method of increasing presence without increasing staff.

Worldwide, more than 1,000 shopping malls patrol indoors and out on Segway PTs, including all the national operators in USA such as Simons (155 sites with PTs) and Simons  (125 sites with PTs). Mall operators report that car park crime drops markedly from the very first day the PT is on patrol.


In early 2009 tourist attractio Kiwi360 began offering Segway PT rides on location in Te Puke. Visit Segway NZ’s website for a list of all the locations around the country where you can ride PTs.

Tauranga Home Show (22-24 May 2009)

Four the fourth show running, event organiser Graeme Martin will be using a Segway PT during set-up and show days to get around. He calls the PT “an essential tool” for every event organiser. Segway New Zealand will be exhibiting at this show – visit our stand and ride the full range of Segway PT models.

Ask for our ‘Event Management’ case study to be emailed to you.


One of the Kiwifruit industry’s most progressive pack houses is about to start using PTs to move high-value staff around their busy premises.

Ask for our ‘Worksites, Factories and Forestry’ and ‘Maintenance Crews’ case studies to be emailed to you.

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