Rod Drury (Xero), Telecom XT, Segway PT

Back in 2004 Kiwi technology entrepreneur Rod Drury became Segway NZ’s 5th customer when he purchased his first Segway PT (buying the very first of the then-just-released i170 Midnight Blue model in the Southern Hemisphere). Since then he’s twice represented New Zealand as part of the Pole Blacks (our Segway PT Polo team), playing against US teams in 2006 and 2007.

But Rod is best-known as CEO of publicly listed company Xero (online accounting software-as-a-service) and as a respected commentator on New Zealand’s IT industry. He also founded, grew and sold Aftermail (a major NZ software company success story), and was one of the key individuals who contributed to the success of Trade-Me.

Today you can see Rod riding his Segway i2 during an interview about Telecom’s new third-generation XT network here.

Page 3 Segway (see today’s NZ Herald ‘Canvas’)

Mezze soprano Wendy Dawn Thompson features in a great photo riding a Segway PT in today’s Herald ‘Canvas’ (NZ’s largest newspaper).

Wendy says “I didn’t know what these were called and had thought they looked a bit daggy, but was soon converted to the Segway when I rode one onstage during ‘The Italian Girl in Algiers.’ Paris has the free Velob bicycle system – imagine if we did the same thing in the central city with Segways.”

She performs in NZ Opera’s production of ‘The Italian Girl in Algiers’ at the Aotea Centre, Auckland 28 May to 6 June.

Amazing Morphing

Check out this Show Reel for Maxon’s Cinema 4D software used to create incredible 3D effects in movies and television. About 1/3 through this striking compilation of clips there is a scene where a guy morphs from riding a 20th century form of personal transport into a glide on the 21st century Segway i2.

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