New model: Segway Patroller


Segway NZ announces the new Segway Patroller range, available on i2 and x2 platforms. Developed through careful consultation with police departments and security companies worldwide to deliver exactly the features needed to make the street-proven, rugged and reliable PT an even better patrol vehicle.

  1. Rider-side-access Patroller bag with water bottle holder and key hook
  2. Upper shield for affixing organization insignia
  3. Optic yellow or white 3M™ DiamondGrade™ reflectivity for front bag and upper shield with additional reflective lettering for SECURITY or POLICE
  4. Integrated lighting system (either red/blue or amber/white) with handlebar-mounted control
  5. Comfort mats
  6. Belt clip-on LED taillight
  7. Anodized, height-adjustable LeanSteer™ frame with laser-etched height demarcations
  8. Wireless InfoKey™ controller with wrist strap

Options include lockable side cargo cases, accessory bar, InfoKey protective skins and alternative labels for Emergency Services and St John/Ambulance, and other organisations including Customs, MAF and DoC.

Well over 1,000 Police departments and other organisations have deployed PTs worldwide, with more than 12,000 units on daily patrol.

For more information visit the new Patroller site.

PT Patroller

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