Segway x2 in new Wii Fit Plus game


Just launched at the E3 Event in USA is Nintendo’s new Wii Fit Plus game and balance board. One of the challenges is the game is the ‘Segway Circuit’ where the player rides a virtual Segway x2 by standing on the balance board and holding the Wii Controllers (that utilise “gyroscopes” and accelerometers, similar to those found in Segway PTs). From Segway, Inc.’s press release:

“For more than a year now, Segway has been working with Nintendo to develop a module for the recently announced Wii Fit Plus game.  The game is the next iteration of the widely popular initial release; Wii Fit, which comes with the balance board and is used to perform many exercises.  The Segway experience module is one of several balance games that players can enjoy.  It’s fun to play and is sure to bring a new version of that familiar Segway smile to everyone who gives it try.”

Visit The Last Mile blog to see video of the game being played and more screen shots.

Wii Fit Plus will be available in New Zealand later this year.

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