St John and other Paramedics on PTs

St John (Auckland region) was the first emergency response (EMS) provider in the Southern Hemisphere to deploy Segway PTs kitted out with comprehensive medical aid supplies equipment. Since 2005 St John’s fleet of two PTs have been seen actively patrolling and rapidly responding at events such as Big Day Out, Pacifica, Around the Bays, and the Royal Easter Show. Segway PTs have proved superior to golf carts and bicycle medics in crowded events because they can move much more quickly through groups of people. The elevated riding position gives the rider a clear view ahead, while at the same time standing out. Fatigue is reduced so the responders are better able to perform their duties on-scene.

Recently EMS workers at Calgary International Airport added another tool to their Emergency Response arsenal. The EMS teams use the Segway PTs in their daily rounds, responding to a variety of calls, including everything from swine flu screenings to dislodging wedged ear buds. (Is anyone else as surprised as we were that ear buds were such a health issue at an airport?!?)

calgary EMS

“We can maneuver fairly quickly through the crowd and as soon as we get there we can actually flip the Segway [PT] back and we have a platform to work off of,” said paramedic Marinus Onos. Check out the video, courtesy of CityTV Calgary here.

Patrol website launched

Segway NZ has launched a dedicated Patrol website, accessible from the new ‘Patrol’ category on our primary website.

The Patrol site provides detailed information about using the Segway Personal Transporter for security patrols, policing and emergency response. It highlights the new i2 and x2 Patroller models, contains NZ-specific examples of successful local deployments since 2004, many international case studies covering every type of environment, and videos that include interviews with actual officers who use PTs every day.

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