Moving Kiwi Businesses Forward in 2009

Many businesses in New Zealand are benefiting from valuable improvements in productivity by deploying Segway PTs. Here’s the easy first step to discovering how your organisation can move forward by adding Segway PTs to your transportation mix.


Segway, Inc. have launched a new compatibility test for commercial applications. Taking just a couple of minutes, organisations can respond to a series of questions about their business goals, riding environment, and current transportation mix to help inform how their business can benefit from using a Segway PT, and which model is appropriate for their use case.


It also addresses special considerations, such as indoor corporate environments or cargo needs, to dispel any misconceptions or inaccuracies about the Segway PT and its ability to perform in and adapt to a business environment.

What are you waiting for? Take the test now.


Dogs on Segway PTs all over NZ – again!

Cluster Crips breakfast cereal are repeating their popular ‘Dog rides Segway PT’ promotion all over again. Giant illuminated posters started going up again in shopping malls all around NZ for the last few weeks, in time for school holidays. We’re told the associated TV advert is about to begin playing again too. Here’s a photo snapped today at Westfield Mall in Albany (Auckland).


Segway NZ at upcoming events

View and ride the full range of Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) over the next month at our sites at these shows:

Tauranga Home Show: 4-6th September (media: BOP Times article 3 Sept, local radio – live coverage Classic Hits, announcements on BOP FM radio)

Auckland SpeedShow: 19-20th September (media: TVNZ, NZ Herald, local radio)

Waikato Home Show: 1-4 October (media: Waikato Times, local radio)

Kiwis’ launch the Yike Bike (the first Mini-Farthing)

NEWSFLASH: New Zealanders invent a new type of bicycle: the Mini-Farthing.

The first device to be produced based on this unique design is the super-light folding electric¬†Yike Bike, set to go into production during 2010.¬†It is the creation of Christchurch entrepreneur Grant Ryan, who says the Segway PT was a touchstone for it’s development. He quotes Dean Kaman’s vision of cities where people move about via a wider variety of vehicles than today, and says the Yike Bike could be part of this future mix, along with the PT.

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