List of Case Studies

Segway New Zealand has published a range of Case Studies that focus on local Kiwi business applications and private uses. These cover field-proven applications where the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is increasing the effectiveness, profitability and competitiveness of New Zealand organisations, while at the same time cutting costs. For a wide range of personal users, the PT is delivering significant lifestyle improvement, and really increasing what individuals can achieve every day. Copies are available by emailing us.


  1. Segway PT Use at NZ Tertiary Institutions (summary of deployments at Auckland, Massey and Canterbury Universities, and at AUT, MIT and others)
  2. Car park crime ‘drops to zero’ at AUT with guard on PT
  3. NZ’s first Segway PT-assisted arrest of shoplifter at Sylvia Park shopping mall
  4. plus reprints of articles about PTs deployed at DB Breweries, Coca-Cola and other sites in NZ Security and in Security Today magazines


  1. Auckland Hospital delivers mail 300% faster using PT
  2. PTs reduce costs and speed mail delivery at Canterbury University
  3. Locksmith/Custodian uses PT to get more done at Canterbury University
  4. Events Management and the Segway PT: indispensable tool
  5. PTs for Kiwis: Worksites, Workshops, Forestry and Farming
  6. plus reprints of articles in various publications about RESEARCH use at University of Auckland and Massey University, and PROMOTION use for brand awareness, product launches, point-of-sale vendoring.


  1. Using the PT for Personal Mobility
  2. Medical Journal studies: PT better for mobility
  3. Segway PT good for Cerebral Palsy: Charlotte Allen feature
  4. Rider Rules & Gliding Suggestions, and the PT as a ‘mobility device’
  5. plus SEGNZ Disabled Owners 2009 (features 50 owners with a wide range of impairments), and reprints from newspapers, scientific journals, popular magazines and specialist newsletters about PTs for mobility, including some featuring Kiwi owners who use their PT to overcome the limitations of their particular disability

Dozens of other Case Studies studying deployments in other countries can be found at

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