PT dusts bus, gives back half-an-hour

Auckland web designer Chris Mitchel-Clare commutes from Lynfield to Queen Street in the city every day. By bus, the one-way 10km journey takes an hour during peak traffic, including the short walks to and from bus stops.

On his Segway Personal Transporter (PT) it takes Chris only about 45 minutes from his door to his destination – sometimes only 40. Considering the round trip, Chris’ Segway PT gives him back at least an extra half hour every day to work his business and further his education.

What more could you do with an extra half hour every day?

Diesel buses, as part of a public transport system, play an important role in getting people from A to B. But this is the 21st Century, and there are more ways than ever to get around. The Segway PT really is quick, smart, zero-emission transportation that gets you from where you are now to right where you want to go. Ask Chris, he knows.

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