Work & Play – the Segway way

The Segway Challenge is our world-renouned group/family/corporate team-building activity that excites and challenges. It is great fun to play and suitable for just about everyone aged 12 to 70+.

We love to personalise the Segway Challenge –  for example, at Soul Bar & Bistro’s outstanding Melbourne Cup Day we mounted horses heads to the Segway PTs and created special rules to suit the venue. And for BNZ Partners (Newmarket) Christmas Party every PT gained a Pink Pig mascot. So contact us today and we’ll help you make a great impression at your next family gathering or business event.

This Anniversary Weekend in Auckland look out for Event Managers getting thrice as much done by using Segway PTs.

Segway NZ hires PTs by the day at special rates to boost the productivity of key staff. It works so well that we’ve been getting repeat bookings year after year. This weekend look out for our PTs at:

  • Auckland Buskers Festival (Crackerjack Promotions)
  • Auckland Seafood Festival (Production Associates)
  • NZ Festival of Motor Racing – Pukekohe (NZFMR)

Enjoying Hamilton Gardens on PTs

Kiwis’ love Summer – it is a great time to get out of your home town and enjoy somewhere new.

For many people, the ability to go everywhere they’d like to is limited by their own mobility, or by that of a partner’s. Here’s is a heart-warming feature hot off the press from the Waikato Times (15 Jan 2010) about how Richard (70) and Margaret (who has had one hip operation and is due for another) Noakes were able to explore and enjoy the full majesty of the Hamilton Gardens by taking their pair of Segway PTs with them on holiday.

Take Segway PTs on Auckland trains & ferries

Auckland’s commuter train service is operated by Veolia Transport, and we’re pleased to announce that passengers traveling with Segway PTs now have formal approval to carry their PTs on board. The Segway PT is a fantastic “last mile” solution to get from your home-to-the-train station, and train station-to-workplace, wherever these distances are too far or simply take too long to walk.

Our thanks go to Ricky and Margaret Noakes for working with Veolia to achieve this outcome. They have owned a pair of Segway i2 model PTs for several years now, and they use them all the time for personal mobility. They find their PTs a really great way to get out and about in the community, and often travel into the city on the Southern line.

Conditions of carriage are the same as for mobility scooters and bicycles. As with bicycles, there is an extra charge unless the PT is displaying a Disability Card or sign. Some Auckland stations have a level access between the platform and train; other stations may require the owner to use the PT’s power-assist step-climbing capability to embark/disembark, or to request Veolia staff to deploy the ramp. Further information is available from Veolia or Segway New Zealand.

Fullers Ferries recently confirmed that owners are welcome to take their PTs with them on any ferry service, and there is no extra charge for doing so. Segway NZ knows of several North Shore owners who commute into downtown Auckland via a combination of Ferry and PT, and we know of regular commuters who use Wellington commuter trains too.

See also: our 25th Nov 2009 item about how one Aucklander gains an extra half hour every day by commuting on a PT compared with taking the bus. And at about $10 per day taking your PT is similar to taking a bus, too [comparison based on new i2 financed over 4 years versus twice-daily bus trip across 3 to 4 stages using weekly pass).

Ricky Noakes (middle) with Veolia General Manager and Chief Conductor during Segway PT train trial

Segway, Inc. announces merger

Segway, Inc. has announced a merger with a UK based business backed by prominent businessman Jimi Heselden. Segway, Inc. has also received additional funding to support growth of the PT range, expand market reach, and to continue development of future products. The company will continue to be based in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA. Segway, Inc. has always been a privately held company, and continues to be so (now with different private ownership of its shares). Segway inventor Dean Kamen and his company DEKA Research continue to have significant and ongoing links with Segway, Inc. A media release can be found here and this article has more about the new owner – who is also part-owner of the UK Segway Distributorship. This merger heralds no significant changes to either the US Dealer or the international Distributor networks, and it is “business as usual” at a retail level for resellers and for customers.

Segway New Zealand Limited is excited to be in our 7th year of importing, selling and supporting the incredible Segway Personal Transporter range. We’re a 100% locally owned business, and have Agents in Wellington and Christchurch. Also, we are the longest-operating Segway Distributor in the world (equal with Segway France), importing the first units in 2003. Kiwis have been enthusiastic early adopters of PTs putting them to work and benefit across a wide spectrum of applications. We have almost the highest per-capita ownership outside North America (see an earlier News post). Even during 2009’s recessionary conditions, last-quarter sales in particular into security, police, commercial productivity, tourism and personal mobility market sectors were excellent. As more New Zealaners grasp the full benefits that Segway PTs deliver, we predict 2010 will be our most successful year yet.

More places to ride Segway PTs around NZ

It is quite possible that New Zealand has the highest number of Segway PT hire/ride/tour businesses per capita in the world.

Of course, New Zealanders are well-known for our love of exploring the great outdoors and trying new things. And our tourism industry is tightly focused on delivering what local and international travelers desire. And there is no doubt whatsoever they want to take Guided Tours on Segway PTs. Indeed, Queenstown’s Segway On Q has occupied the #2 spot as Best Activity on for many months now.

Locate a Segway PT activity in your area by clicking the Guided Tours & Short Rides link on the top of every Segway NZ’s website page. Plus there are some brand new businesses open for summer too:

  1. Enjoy Short Rides or longer Tours in Napier – check out Segway Hawkes Bay’s website for details.
  2. Segway Xtreme have opened in the Hutt Valley (website coming soon).
  3. and New Zealand’s northern-most Segway PT Tour is due to open in a couple of weeks – check back soon for details.

Segway New Zealand hires Segway PTs to visitors requiring mobility assistance while on holiday here. We’ve helped many tourists get more out of their time here – hire for just a few days up to a couple of months at special rates.

Te Mata Peak climbed with ease

Hawkes Bay Segway PT owner Paul Dutch conquered Te Mata Peak on his new i2 to enjoy stunning 360 degree views of the region.

Paul writes:

“I have included some pictures of my climb up Te Mata peak here in Hawkes Bay. The hill is 399m but the Segway had no issues at all with it and the regenerating going downhill was giving me the feeling that the electricity was for free! I overtook walkers and cyclists with ease and did about 10km up and down….The “tank” was almost 3/4 still.”

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