Take Segway PTs on Auckland trains & ferries

Auckland’s commuter train service is operated by Veolia Transport, and we’re pleased to announce that passengers traveling with Segway PTs now have formal approval to carry their PTs on board. The Segway PT is a fantastic “last mile” solution to get from your home-to-the-train station, and train station-to-workplace, wherever these distances are too far or simply take too long to walk.

Our thanks go to Ricky and Margaret Noakes for working with Veolia to achieve this outcome. They have owned a pair of Segway i2 model PTs for several years now, and they use them all the time for personal mobility. They find their PTs a really great way to get out and about in the community, and often travel into the city on the Southern line.

Conditions of carriage are the same as for mobility scooters and bicycles. As with bicycles, there is an extra charge unless the PT is displaying a Disability Card or sign. Some Auckland stations have a level access between the platform and train; other stations may require the owner to use the PT’s power-assist step-climbing capability to embark/disembark, or to request Veolia staff to deploy the ramp. Further information is available from Veolia or Segway New Zealand.

Fullers Ferries recently confirmed that owners are welcome to take their PTs with them on any ferry service, and there is no extra charge for doing so. Segway NZ knows of several North Shore owners who commute into downtown Auckland via a combination of Ferry and PT, and we know of regular commuters who use Wellington commuter trains too.

See also: our 25th Nov 2009 item about how one Aucklander gains an extra half hour every day by commuting on a PT compared with taking the bus. And at about $10 per day taking your PT is similar to taking a bus, too [comparison based on new i2 financed over 4 years versus twice-daily bus trip across 3 to 4 stages using weekly pass).

Ricky Noakes (middle) with Veolia General Manager and Chief Conductor during Segway PT train trial

3 thoughts on “Take Segway PTs on Auckland trains & ferries

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  1. Hi Philip,

    Be interested in your numbers on how you got to “less than $2 per day the PT is much cheaper than taking the buss, too (PT cost based on repayments and running costs over 3 year term).” Sounds good, have you got the sums handy?

  2. So, does this mean I can ride into Britomart and not worry about some Security Guard freaking out, lol.

    Last time I rode into Britomart on the Segway, the Security Guard went nuts, first off he had no idea what it was and immediately turned me away.

    Hopefully that will change soon.

    1. Segway NZ has yet to approach Britomart (the downtown Auckland train station) management to discuss Segway PT use on the public concourse areas (platform, walkthrough shopping area, etc). We understand current policy is that Segway PT users who are mobility impaired are welcome to ride through these areas, while non-impaired users are requested to dismount and walk their PT.

      Around the world, it appears most transit stations permit all users to ride their Segway PT. For example, here is a recent post from Segway Chat entitled “Trains in Boston: Effective June 5 2009 all Segway PT are classified under EMPAD with mass transit and are approved for use at all times with no restrictions.”

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