Enjoying Hamilton Gardens on PTs

Kiwis’ love Summer – it is a great time to get out of your home town and enjoy somewhere new.

For many people, the ability to go everywhere they’d like to is limited by their own mobility, or by that of a partner’s. Here’s is a heart-warming feature hot off the press from the Waikato Times (15 Jan 2010) about how Richard (70) and Margaret (who has had one hip operation and is due for another) Noakes were able to explore and enjoy the full majesty of the Hamilton Gardens by taking their pair of Segway PTs with them on holiday.

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  1. I took my Segway to the Hamilton Gardens in February and it was brilliant – I haven’t been able to really explore there for years. On arrival, we were stopped by a Gardens’ staff member who wanted to know what it was, and whether it was classified as a bicycle (bicycles aren’t allowed in the Gardens, apparently). We asked her to consider it an alternative to a mobility scooter rather than a bicycle, she was happy with that and allowed us to continue.

    Is there any policy or law governing Segway use in New Zealand? Do you know if any local councils have issued guidelines or bylaws for their use? It’d be handy to know where we stand legally, in case diplomacy ever fails us.

    1. The Segway PT is a ‘mobility device’ – the same category as a mobility scooter or a power chair (“electric wheelchair”). It is not a bicycle or electric bicycle, nor a motorcycle because the legal definition for these vehicles specifies they have two tandem wheels (ie: one behind the other). The Segway PT offers many mobility users far greater utility and capability than a mobility scooter, and has been widely adopted for this purpose in New Zealand. For example, Segway NZ has a list of more than 60 mobility impaired Kiwis who use PTs every day. There are no council bylaws that restrict the use of Segway PTs in New Zealand.

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