Work & Play – the Segway way

The Segway Challenge is our world-renouned group/family/corporate team-building activity that excites and challenges. It is great fun to play and suitable for just about everyone aged 12 to 70+.

We love to personalise the Segway Challenge –  for example, at Soul Bar & Bistro’s outstanding Melbourne Cup Day we mounted horses heads to the Segway PTs and created special rules to suit the venue. And for BNZ Partners (Newmarket) Christmas Party every PT gained a Pink Pig mascot. So contact us today and we’ll help you make a great impression at your next family gathering or business event.

This Anniversary Weekend in Auckland look out for Event Managers getting thrice as much done by using Segway PTs.

Segway NZ hires PTs by the day at special rates to boost the productivity of key staff. It works so well that we’ve been getting repeat bookings year after year. This weekend look out for our PTs at:

  • Auckland Buskers Festival (Crackerjack Promotions)
  • Auckland Seafood Festival (Production Associates)
  • NZ Festival of Motor Racing – Pukekohe (NZFMR)

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