Here come the robots: Segway Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP)

Dean Kamen introduced the concept of practical, useful balancing machines to the world. It was first revealed in the form of the iBot Mobility System wheelchair that could rise from four to two wheels to raise the user to eye-level with those standing. This capability also enabled stair climbing and the ability to transverse a wide variety of terrain.

Next came the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) which is now well-estabished as a leader in efficient, green personal transportation. It is also the only electric personal vehicle purposefully designed to seamlessly integrate into and operate safely within existing pedestrian spaces.

More recently, Segway, Inc. released the first Robotic Mobility Platforms (RMPs) for researchers working in the field of autonomous robotics. Since then, the variety of RMPs has grown to include not only dynamically balanced platforms, but also statically balanced platforms that offer their own unique capabilities (such as crawling sideways…without turning!). For more information including videos visit Segway Robotics. See also our fascinating earlier News entry The Robots Are Coming.

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