Segway Advanced Development: EN-V

Find out about Segway’s vision for transport in 2030 as revealed today in Shanghai at the Last Mile news page and more at the Segway Advanced Development page. There has been excellent web coverage about these concepts:

“Chinese mega-city commuters currently expend 30 percent of their fuel looking for parking, in part because today’s cars require almost 280 square feet of parking space per car (including aisles) and spend 90 percent of their time parked. But these highly maneuverable EN-V triplets can turn around in just 5.7 feet so they require just 47 square feet of parking (that’s about six EN-Vs to one “normal” car). Because most urban trips are one to three miles in length and are covered at low speeds, these urban mobility vehicles don’t need 300-mile range and 100-mph capability, so the lithium-iron phosphate battery pack is limited to a 25-mile range and the combined 12-hp of the two DC motors top out 25 mph.”

InfoKey Programing Tool [updated]

Segway New Zealand’s Service Centre equipment now includes an InfoKey Programing Tool. This means we can provide you with replacement InfoKeys on a same-day or overnight basis. We can also create InfoKeys with custom parameters, either by programing a new blank InfoKey or reprograming an existing InfoKey. This capability may be useful for some users, or appropriate in certain worksite or tourism situations.

With this Tool we can:

(a) make a duplicate InfoKey by first reading the data off an existing key (this usually works even if your InfoKey has non-functioning buttons or is otherwise broken and does not function).

(b) make a key by entering the PT’s serial number plus either scanning the bar code or entering in a Key Code string of numbers and letters (this information was supplied on a self-adhesive sticker at time of sale or emailed as part of Product Registration, and it is important you keep it in safe place). If you do not have this information a Lost Codes charge applies to retrieve the necessary data from Segway, Inc. This may take 1 to 2 business days.

Parameters that can be customized, and/or locked so they cannot be changed by the user on any InfoKey are:

  • Set a maximum Turtle Mode (or beginner setting) speed to be between 6 and 12km/h (the factory setting is 9km/h)
  • Set a maximum Agile Mode (or standard setting) speed to be between 6 and 18.5km/h (the factory setting is 18.5km/h)
  • Set the Shutdown Time to be between 4 seconds and 900 seconds (15 minutes). This is the time before the PT shuts down when it is left in Standby Mode (ie: the PT is turned on but not in either Balance Mode or Alarm Mode). The factory setting is 15 minutes.
  • Set the InfoKey to Disable Mode Change to permanently lock the InfoKey in Turtle mode (for information on how to unlock the Turtle mode on a normal InfoKey see below).
  • Set the Speed Setting Lock. This allows the InfoKey can be toggled between Agile and Turtle Modes, but whatever speeds have been programmed into the key for each Mode by the Programer Tool cannot be altered by a user.

Give some thought to how you use your Segway PT and who uses it, and consider these options. Perhaps you’d like to have one of your InfoKeys customised, so users cannot exceed the parameters of your choice?

If you have only one InfoKey, or have a damaged or non-functional InfoKey, act now and get a second or replacement InfoKey at a special price before the end of March 2010. You can bring your existing InfoKey to us in Northcote and we’ll make/reprogram on the spot, or you can send it to us by courier (same day or next business day return).

Replacement InfoKey kit:

  • $495 including GST
  • includes one blank InfoKey programed to your Segway PT
  • includes new InfoKey battery
  • includes your choice of a complete set of standard Bezels or a Patroller bezel with Wrist Strap.
  • uses data obtained from an existing InfoKey, or generated from your PT serial number together with their existing Key Codes
  • includes return courier, if required
  • if InfoKey Codes have been lost and there is no existing InfoKey available from which data can be read from then there is an additional Lost Codes charge of $125+GST to perform the required checks and obtain the necessary information from Segway, Inc. (this can take 2 to 3 business days)

Reprograming an InfoKey service:

  • reprogramming one InfoKey is $95 including GST
  • reprogramming additional InfoKeys for the same PT is $75 including GST per InfoKey
  • programming InfoKeys at time of sale to custom (non-factory) settings is $95 including GST per InfoKey
  • these rates include return courier, if required
See also: Segway NZ’s InfoKey Progamming Tool gets software upgrade, goes mobile.

How to unlock ‘Turtle’ mode on an InfoKey

All InfoKeys are initially supplied locked into Turtle mode to ensure new owners learn how to ride at safe speeds and turning sensitivity, and that they read the Reference Manual for information on how to unlock Turtle mode. When locked, pressing the Turtle button will make the icon flash but it will not disappear.

If you’d like to unlock Turtle mode on your InfoKey, first ensure the Segway PT is turned off then press and hold the Turtle and Mode buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds (keep holding, 15 seconds is a long time when you’re waiting for something to happen!). You’ll see the 4-segment part of the InfoKey display flash to confirm the change. The Turtle button will now behave as expected, and toggle your Segway PT between Turtle and Agile modes when it is turned on. You can re-lock the InfoKey back into Turtle mode by turning off your Segway PT and once again simultaneously pressing and holding the Turtle and Mode buttons for 15 seconds.

Complete information about Segway InfoKeys can be found in the Beginners, Reference and Supplement Manuals available for download at the Support pages at Segway, Inc.

Kiwi Segway Tours praised all around the world

International visitors to New Zealand rate an excursion on a Segway PT with one of the many Segway Tour businesses around our country to be amongst the best in the world.

For example, Segway On Q consistently rates as the #2 attraction in Queenstown according to Trip Advisor, while Cruise Ship travelers highly recommend Christchurch’s Urban Wheels historic city tour in posts online. Auckland’s Magic Broomstick Tours around picturesque Devonport has already climbed into Trip Advisor’s Top 10 attractions, and inspired a visiting international journalist to publish this article when they returned home:

Philippine Daily Enquirer

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