Sal’s delivers pizzas fast with a pair of PTs

Auckland’s most authentic New York-style pizza company has been using a pair of white Segway i2 Personal Transporters (PTs) for deliveries during the last 6 months.

Sal’s Pizza launched as a start-up business in the middle of the 2009 recession, and they decided they’d be the first in NZ to deliver pizza-to-the-door on PTs. By adopting this solution Sal’s principals Ceiran and Nick were seeking two key commercial benefits:

(1) a unique point of difference to stand out from the competition

(2) a way to deliver pizza around the CBD that was quick, safe and easy

What they got by deploying two branded Segway PTs was so much more. Not only were they instantly advertising their business whilst out delivering, the PTs became a talking point (“Have you had awesome pizza from that new place that delivers on Segways?” could be overheard at water coolers in offices throughout the city). Moreover, this clean, green and quiet mobility solution enabled Sal’s to deliver more fresh, hot pizza, faster and further any other solution they trialled before launch.

Sal’s is located in the heart of downtown Auckland on Commerce Street. They’ve discovered delivery by foot is efficient only up to 1 block away – at most. For just about everything else, Segway PTs rule the roost: they are fastest up to about a 2km radius (eg: Parnell, K’Rd, College Hill, etc). For deliveries further afield Sal’s uses a small car. They tested various options before committing to two PTs. The Segway PTs proved much faster in and around the CBD compared against bicycles, scooters, small motorcycles and cars – especially so at rush hour (which is Sal’s busiest time – and the relatively short window in which there is the best opportunity to generate revenue). They found that PTs can take through-block access ways and short cuts, and are also much safer for staff than bikes or scooters/motorcycles. It comes as no surprise that Sal’s reports there has not been a single incident involving pedestrians. Unlike any other transport device, the Segway PT was developed from the ground up to be safe and appropriate in pedestrian environments, and have established a proven record supported by many properly conducted safety studies along with almost a decade of active deployment use in the busiest cities in the world.

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