PTs vs V8s at the Hamilton ITM 400 this weekend

Fleets of Segway PTs will be working and playing hard at New Zealand’s largest sporting event of the year in Hamilton this weekend. More the 130,000 people are expected to attend the thrills at this loud, action packed event where V8 Supercars race through the streets of Hamilton city.

Andy Boulton is the manager and early on in the planning process for this year’s event he recognised how useful the Segway PT could be – not just for himself but for his key staff. Segway NZ has provided five PTs for this purpose and visitors will see them in constant use.

For the third season in a row, Hamilton City Council have again hired PTs for their Ambassador’s – look for PTs fitted with our unique Segway Sails (emblazoned with “Ask Me”) – helping out the public and answering questions. Just two staff on PTs can cover nine times the area in the same time compared with staff on foot. It is immediately clear that PTs can reduce costs and improve service across all manner of services provided by NZ city councils – from parking wardens to ‘City Safe’ street officers, parks & recreation staff to building inspectors visiting inner-city locations.

St John will have their pair of “Segway Ambulances” deployed to provide rapid response through the packed crowds. These PTs carry much more gear than staff on foot, and navigate more safely and many times faster through dense crowds than bicycle medics or golf carts are able.

Waikato Security will be on patrol on their first Segway i2 Patroller purchased in 2009 (already seen at many Hamilton events over the last six months) as one of the providers of site security.

Find out all about the Segway Personal Transporter range at Segway NZ’s site in a prime location. Take a free short ride on a Segway PT and see our complete range – including a unique Ferrari Segway PT. There were only 40 of these made in the Ferrari factory in Italy, of which only two are in the Southern Hemisphere  – both in NZ (the other is in a private collection). We’ll have the i2, x2 and x2 Golf models available to ride, plus legacy models on display so you can see where the Segway PT started and where it has come to today.

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