Traffic & Event Management: hire PTs with special signage

Segway NZ rolls out another world-first with our custom front panels for Segway Patroller models. The Patroller range is designed for use in public safety roles, and comes standard with either SECURITY or POLICE labels.

Now you can hire or buy a Segway Patroller fitted with temporary or permanent signage suited for specific roles or individuals at events. We have TRAFFIC, FIRST AID, MANAGER and ASK ME ready now, and custom labels can be made up at short notice.

The first client to hire a fleet of Segway Patrollers with our new signs was Graeme Martin from Bay Events, for use at the Tauranga Home Show (29 April-2 May 2010). Graeme has been hiring a Segway PT for his personal use at shows for years, and finds it an invaluable tool during the three day pre-show build-up period as well as throughout the show itself. This year two more PTs provided additional services that boosted the quality of the show for both the public and exhibitors: an ASK ME roving helper, and rapid coffee delivery to hard-working people manning the stands throughout this busy three day event. It is this kind of superior event experience that brings back return attendees year after year.

Two more Segway PTs with TRAFFIC signage were in constant use for traffic management. Just two staff on PTs were able to direct, control and provide secure parking throughout the event (a role which took 3 or 4 staff on foot in previous years). With staff elevated 20cm/8inches higher than on foot, they could be easily seen by drivers, and could rapidly move about the enormous car parking area to be where they were need.

Contact us for our special rates to hire Segway PTs (all models, including Patrollers and Cargo models) for use at Events. Available for any period from 1 day to several months.

The reflective shield spaces on the Patroller model are not intended to be used primarily as an advertising space. Segway, Inc. prefers the distinctive look of the Patroller range to remain associated primarily with public safety roles. We recommend “front shield” solutions such as our fantastic Segway Sails for advertising and brand promotions purposes.

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