PTs on NZ TV this week…and the very last White i2

THURSDAY (15 July): catch extreme Segway action on Tankboy TV. Shot in New Zealand last summer, this feature is part of velocityV on Stratos at 8:30pm. Stratos is on both SKY (channel 89) and FREEVIEW (channel 21).

FRIDAY (16 July 2010): watch The Erin Baker Show on TV2 at 5:00pm for an episode all about getting around on wheels. Catch Erin and her helper having fun on PTs, as she interviews Segway New Zealand’s Philip Bendall. In addition to PTs, see bikes, skateboards and the studio audience all on roller skates. Look for more prime-time TV early next month, where the first episode of a new series features the Segway PT being used in a security role at a NZ university. Look for details about this show in a future News item here before the end of this month.

BE QUICK: If you want to become the owner of a White i2 then you better be quick!

The White i2 looks striking, but over time it has become the least popular of the three colour options and now Segway, Inc. has announced it is being phased out. White has been available since the i2 launch almost four years ago, but once the Metallic Sage colour was released in 2008 it fell to about 10% of our local NZ sales. Segway NZ has just one White i2 colour kit remaining in stock – and we cant get any more. We know every owner of a White i2 loves their colour choice, so if you want the very last White i2….now is good.

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