NZ Herald loves “super-cool” Segway PT tours in Kaikoura

“Terrific fun” is how NZ Herald travel writer Pamela describes Wheel Awesome’s Segway Personal Transporter (PT) tours in “Kaikoura: Whale of a time” (published yesterday). While whale-watching may be this tourist town’s best-known claim-to-fame, Wade raves about her excursion on the “super-cool Segway” and highly recommends it to readers:

“I had arranged to meet Bruce in town, from where he escorts tours to the seal colony on the peninsula – by Segway. On the face of it a physical impossibility, it turned out that this self-balancing two-wheeler is a Zen machine: just think of a direction, and away it hums.

“Women do best,” said Bruce, “because first, they listen to instructions, and then they follow them.” I nodded smugly and swooped away, leaning forward for speed and thinking how brilliant it would be to play polo on one of these things, as Bruce sometimes does.”

Segway PT Guided Tours are a great way to see the sights in a limited time. Just as importantly, they empower everyone in your group to experience and enjoy a scenic excursion, where otherwise some individuals may be unable to complete such a journey by walking (perhaps due to age, medical condition or fatigue). Visit for a list of all Segway Tours around New Zealand, and links to Segway Authorised Tours worldwide.

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