Philip Bendall walks REX Exoskeleton, rides Yike Bike

Segway New Zealand participated at MORGO 2010, where more than 100 technology entrepreneurs gathered in the Bay of Islands across two days to discuss building high-growth export-orientated businesses.

The Martin Jetpack featured at MORGO 2009, and this year two new Kiwi inventions were highlighted: the Yike Bike and the REX Bionics exoskeleton.

Philip Bendall walks in Rex; inventor Grant Ryan on a Yike Bike

Philip Bendall, Managing Director of Segway New Zealand, had the opportunity to ride the Yike Bike and walk in the REX exoskeleton. The Yike Bike is the first ‘mini-farthing’ format electric (but pedal-less) bike designed for easy urban commuting. It is lightweight and folds down for carrying, and went into production last week. Like the Segway PT, it features Lithium batteries, regenerative braking and anti-skid traction control which combine to offer a very practical and safe 21st century solution for short-distance and last-mile travel.

Rex is an exoskeleton designed to enable persons with spinal injuries who have lost the ability to stand and walk altogether to walk again. With the human strapped in, Rex not only walks autonomously but can climb stairs and transition between sitting and standing. Mobility impaired persons who can stand have adopted the Segway PT in large numbers, and now REX offers the same “standing” benefits to those who cannot stand at all: improved health (stronger muscles and bones, better respiratory, circulatory, and digestive system action), and the life-changing “look-the-world-in-the-eye” experience and capability to move through the world.

Click here to read about Philip’s flight in the Martin Jetpack at MORGO 2009.

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