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Segway PTs have featured in many television commercials around the world. Here in New Zealand a number of high rotation adverts have been used a PT as a centrepoint. For example, our e167 model was featured in a Telecom Xtra advert in 2005, and throughout 2008-9 the popular Cluster Crisps “dog riding a Segway PT” advert was widely played.

Look out for a major new Yellow Pages campaign that includes a PT to begin its run shortly, and a Rabobank advert has been running for a while now.

UPDATE (NOVEMBER): Yellow’s “Be Everywhere Kiwis Look” promotion is underway – look out for billboards and print advertising everywhere around New Zealand, and watch the television commercial. One of our promo staff is riding the Segway PT featured in all forms of media – dressed in a giant mobile phone suit.

In 2008 our Segway PTs featured in a Hip Hop music video: check out Ethical’s single “On My Throne” from the album Ages Turn. This video was filmed over one day in Autumn 2008 on Auckland’s North Shore, and was directed by Joe Lonie (ex-Supergrove).

Red Cross Rolls out PTs

Public safety has been enhanced with the use of Segway PTs by emergency and first-response services since their release in 2002. Here in New Zealand, Auckland’s St John have operated a fleet of two Segway PTs since 2005, and all around NZ Segway PTs have become an effective tool for security guards at events, shopping malls, factories and universities.Police in Taupo have been operating two PTs in public safety roles for more than a year, and more will doubtless be deployed in the future. Officers and guards on Segway PTs have proven so effective that more than 12,000 PTs are now on patrol every day at thousands of locations around the world.

This week the Red Cross in Vienna, Austria rolled out their first staff on Segway PTs:


Ambulance EMT adds Segway PT for rapid response

Hamilton’s Ambulance EMT business has added a Segway PT to their fleet of vehicles for use at public events.

Proprietors Michael and Fiona had been hiring a PT from Segway NZ for many years, and recently purchased their own. It has been kitted out with a custom medical bag holder, flashing lights and branding.

Ambulance EMT provides services all over the upper North Island, and the Segway PT gives them a real edge when quoting for outdoor events and large indoor trade shows. There have been many emergency situations where the Segway PT has enabled them to arrive where they are needed most, faster than would have been possible on foot, and with energy to spare.

Eden Park reopens with Segway PTs on patrol

Eden Park – Auckland’s rebuilt and expanded venue for the 2011 Rugby World Cup – reopened on Sunday 10 October by welcoming a crowd of more than 18,000 sports fans to explore the transformed grounds and buildings.

Throughout the day staff on Segway Patrollers supplied by Segway NZ provided a highly visible presence combined with the ability to react quickly and arrive promptly where needed most. Prime Minister John Key was overheard saying how impressed he was as the Segway Patrollers glided through the busiest spaces and covered ground quickly, quietly and safely.

There were many non-rugby attractions to enjoy, including free rides on Segway PTs offered by Magic Broomstick Tours – the Devonport Segway Experience. On Monday 11 October the NZ Herald newspaper covered the opening with a feature on page A8, that included a photo of a person on a PT captioned “FACE OF THE FUTURE: A visitor rides a Segway around the new stadium, which was opened yesterday.”

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