“Nuns on Segways”

At this time of year you might expect to see Santa on a Segway PT, or perhaps even his Elves (as seen riding through the streets of York this weekend)….

Right here in Auckland city Queen Street will be alive with Segway PTs during tomorrow’s Santa Parade – where a crowd of at least 250,000 are expected to turn out for the big event.

In addition to two ‘Heart of the City’ Ambassadors on PTs, four staff from Crackerjack Promotions on PTs will be ensuring the event runs smoothly. This is the fourth year running that Crackerjack have hire PTs to help make events such as this one run better.

Santa on a Segway is one thing, but here’s a sight you don’t see every day: “Nuns on Segways”

Kiwi artist Joanna Braithwaite produced the fantastic poster below to promote “Back & Beyond & Here” for the Museum of Wellington City & Sea. This exhibition opened last week, and was launched with a street promotion that featured two actors dressed as nuns riding Segway PTs out and about around the streets of Wellington.

This artwork is a fantastic symbol of the Segway PT’s integration into New Zealand urban culture, and Wellington city life in particular. While Segway PT tours first began along Wellington’s waterfront in 2005, here the artist has juxtaposed the old with the new. Isn’t it interesting to observe just how quickly a mode of human transportation can become an iconic thread in today’s society.

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