Have an adventure on a Segway PT this summer!

This is a great time of year to be out and about. The weather is warm, the days are long…..

Why not make this a summer to remember by taking your first ride on a Segway PT? What better way is there to explore a tourist town than on a Segway Guided Tour?

There are nine locations where you can experience the Segway PT. To contact these businesses directly visit www.segway.co.nz and click on the Guided Tours & Short Rides link located top-middle of every page.

Awesome videos on the Segway YouTube Channel

Segway, Inc.’s video channel on YouTube is packed with incredible videos highlighting the many ways the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is used around the world, including:

(1) Segway Patroller: more than 12,000 Segway PTs are used every day by Police and Security forces all around the world, and the Patroller models have been developed to meet the demanding requirements of this sector. Officers are calling the Segway PT the most useful development in community policing ever. See how officers on PTs interact with the public while patrolling downtown areas, urban zones, train stations, airports, and sports events.

(2) Segway PTs for Personal Mobility and Lifestyle improvement: the PT has proved to be the best mobility device ever developed, and greatly improves the quality of life for a wide range of individuals.

(3) Segway Tours: hundreds of Segway Guided Tours operate all around the world, offering tourists an enjoyable way to see more and do more during their stay.

(4) Segway Robotic Mobility Platforms: see these incredible machines in action, including a fire-fighting mobile water cannon, a load-carrying workhorse that can carry wounded soldiers to safety, a powerful truck pulling RMP 400, and much more.

(5) Segway x2 Golf: hear golfers who can no longer walk 18 holes explain how this model has reinvented the social game for them when they play with their friends, and given them back the enjoyment of golf in their lives.

(6) Segway PT development: watch the fascinating story about how the PT came to be, and how this technology is being used in other Advanced Development areas such as the RMP and in the General Motors PUMA and EN-V vehicles.

Segway Safety

Summer is here and the holiday season is underway. Both brand new and long-time owners of Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) – as well as their friends and family – will be out and about enjoying the summer on two wheels. Others will go exploring on PTs by taking a Segway Guided Tour or experience the thrill of a Segway Short Ride at any of the dozen or so businesses located at popular tourist destinations around the country.

Here at Segway New Zealand we are firmly committed to the most enjoyable and safest experience for all of our customers and every user of the Segway PT. We recognize that driving on any mode of transportation inherently includes risks, and we are committed to educating on the safe operation of the PT. For that reason, every user should be properly trained to a level of competence appropriate to the operating environment and type of activity.

Segway, Inc. have created a new website with a focus on safety: SegwaySafety.com is designed to aid in informing the public about Segway PT safe operating procedures. This site includes safety videos, operating manuals, and other materials that provide safety-related information. Segway, Inc. will keep this site updated with the latest materials moving forward, ensuring it is a reliable resource. The site works well with iPads, iPhones and other smartphones, meaning it is available on-the-go and when you need it.

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