Segway Safety

Summer is here and the holiday season is underway. Both brand new and long-time owners of Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) – as well as their friends and family – will be out and about enjoying the summer on two wheels. Others will go exploring on PTs by taking a Segway Guided Tour or experience the thrill of a Segway Short Ride at any of the dozen or so businesses located at popular tourist destinations around the country.

Here at Segway New Zealand we are firmly committed to the most enjoyable and safest experience for all of our customers and every user of the Segway PT. We recognize that driving on any mode of transportation inherently includes risks, and we are committed to educating on the safe operation of the PT. For that reason, every user should be properly trained to a level of competence appropriate to the operating environment and type of activity.

Segway, Inc. have created a new website with a focus on safety: is designed to aid in informing the public about Segway PT safe operating procedures. This site includes safety videos, operating manuals, and other materials that provide safety-related information. Segway, Inc. will keep this site updated with the latest materials moving forward, ensuring it is a reliable resource. The site works well with iPads, iPhones and other smartphones, meaning it is available on-the-go and when you need it.

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