India to assemble PTs; NY Times reviews YikeBike; Anybots roll out

Indian newspapers are reporting today that Segway, Inc. will open an assembly plant in Gurgaon, near Delhi, and this will result in a 20% reduction in retail price. Bird Group – the official importer – says assembling locally will result in reduced import duty, and the Segway PT will get VAT (sales tax) exemption and other benefits given to zero-emission vehicles. The company reports that “We have huge inquiries and orders for this personal transportation segment from airports, golf courses & resorts, police patrolling, large industrial and educational campuses.”

In other self-balancing machine news, pioneering company “Anybots Releases Segway-style Telepresence Robot” today. UPDATE 10 Feb 2011: Someone in Mountain View, Californian just sent their Anybot out down the street to the local coffee shop to fetch coffee – the future is here!

Another telepresence company – Vgo –  is also about to launch a similar product, however this implimentation does not feature a self-balancing platform.

New York Times technology writer David Pogue rides and reviews the YikeBike in his article The Commuter Bike Redesigned and Electrified. Pogue says he had a “Segway moment” during his time with Kiwi inventor Grant Ryan, who’s company builds and exports the YikeBike from in its factory in Christchurch, New Zealand. You can read about Segway NZ’s first ride on a Yike Bike in August 2010 in our News article Philip Bendall walks REX Exoskeleton, rides YikeBike.

Meanwhile, an article at Ars-Technical about the ability of chimps to make inferences about other chimps notes in passing their Segway-riding capability…..

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