This is NOT Segway Jousting, Engadget

Widely reported as “Segway Jousting” across the internet, this advert for Washington Lottery is being seen by a lot of eyeballs at the moment. Our link goes to Engadget’s coverage, and amongst all websites one might think Engadget would be well placed to correctly identify a real Segway Personal Transporter (PT) from an imitation (considering their previous Segway faux-pa and apology).

What this advert shows is two Knight’s jousting on Q-Scooters/Skydancers: low-cost, low powered, four wheeled scooters from China. They look a bit like a real Segway PT to the untrained eye….until you count the number of wheels.

This advert looks great, it has high production values, but these are not Segway PTs.

Now THIS is Segway Jousting….

One thought on “This is NOT Segway Jousting, Engadget

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  1. Great to see you setting the record straight, Segway Jousting has a long proud history in this country and to see such a sham being touted overseas as real Segway Jousting is an injustice indeed.

    I feel the need to slap someone with a gauntlet!

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