Segway Racing sponsors most famous motorbike race

Segway Sponsors MotoCzysz Racing 2011 at Isle of Man

The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) is the world’s most prestigious motorcycle race, and this competition is more than 100 years old. Companies such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki compete for the top honour in motorcycle road racing, and beginning two years ago an series of electric motorcycle races has been added, in addition to traditional petrol-driven races . This year Segway, Inc. becomes title sponsor of leading entrant MotoCzysz who last year won the two most important titles in this field.

During the first decade of the 21s century Segway, Inc. has developed unique technology and expertise in electric vehicles and battery energy management with its Personal Transporters (PTs), Robotics platforms and a variety of two and four-wheeled Advanced Developments (Centaur, Puma, GM’s EN-V, etc). Not only is Segway a recognised innovator with a team of world-class mechanical, electrical and software engineers, but Segway’s CEO Wayne Mitchell is a British motorcycle champion and a current motorcycle land speed record holder.

Find out more and read today’s media release at Segway Racing.

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