Summary of information on the Segway PT as a mobility device

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is undoubtedly the greatest advance yet in enabling better lives for people with impaired mobility. Since the turn of the century more than an 100 disabled Kiwis and tens of thousands more people worldwide have been enjoying a quality of life they never dreamed possible, thanks to the Segway PT.

Here we summarise our recent posts about this important and significant use of the Segway PT:

  1. Segway NZ’s new version of the document “Why the Segway PT is a Mobility Device in NZ” (1.3Mb pdf)
  2. How the US Federal Government has declared the Segway PT to be a mobility device under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – the legislation that guarantees, amongst other things, the rights of access of individuals in public spaces and on private property who require mobility assistance. US state governments are required to amend their local laws to accommodate federal law, and many are moving quickly to do so.
  3. Read about John Kerr’s who broke his neck, and went from a wheelchair to a Segway PT and how the injured US Vice-President was one of the first to use a Segway PT for mobility in 2003.
  4. Visit DRAFT’s website here
  5. You can email us to request a copy of our General Case Study that details the use of Segway PTs by 80 disabled New Zealanders with a wide range of medical conditions, or any of more than a dozen condition-specific Case Studies about individual Kiwis.

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