12 Segway Polo teams competed for Woz Cup 2011, Germany wins

A record 12 teams competed for the  2011 Woz Challenge Cup in Folsom, USA this month. The Blade Pirates from Germany were this years winner of the International Segway Polo Association’s (ISPA) annual championship, besting Flyin’ Fish from Barbados in the final.

The popularity of Segway Polo has been growing fast. When Auckland businessmen Philip Bendall (Segway NZ) and Steve Simms (Tomizone) came up with the idea of creating the international competition of the first new sport of the 21st century in 2005 there were only two Segway Polo teams in the world. Within months, the Aftershocks from California flew into Auckland, New Zealand to challenge the Pole Blacks in the inaugural match. Now this fast-paced action game is being played in dozens of countries, and the annual championship has been rapidly increasing in size. This year teams from USA, Barbados, Germany, Austria and Sweden competed, and the 2012 cup is being held in Sweden.

The Folsom Telegraph covers the event here.

And in other news….US media were more interested this week in a “Segway Race” between Justin Bieber and Elizabeth Hasselbeth around the studio and back-blocks of Whoopie Goldberg’s The View chat show. Catch the riveting footage from 8:15 on the video here). This is only “news” at all because Justin’s attempt to escape a mob of screaming female fans on his Segway PT became one of the most-watched clips on YouTube in 2010 (we like this link best, if you havent seen it).

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