FIRST Security upgrades Segway Patrollers at DB Breweries and Sylvia Park

FIRST Security operates the largest fleet of Segway Patrollers deployed in New Zealand.

Their guards use Patrollers at shopping malls, universities and manufacturing companies all around the country. This week, FIRST upgraded the Patroller used on the large DB Breweries complex in Auckland from an i2 to an x2 configuration. While much of this property is sealed in concrete or tarmac, about one third of the perimeter route is through a grassy paddock that holds cooling ponds. Ducks nest on these ponds, and goats are kept in the paddock to keep the grass down, and this results in a slippery environment that has proven unsuitable for the i2 – even after fitting the i2 with high-traction tyres. The Segway x2 offers greater ground clearance and large ATV tyres that deliver incredible grip.

Sylvia Park is New Zealand’s largest shopping mall, and over the last few years the Segway i2 based there has proven invaluable. For example, within the first month of deployment it achieved NZ’s first Segway-assisted arrest (ask for a copy of our Case Study describing how it was the key to apprehending two professional shoplifters). This week the i2 was upgraded to Patroller spec, adding the LeanSteer Frame with Optic White SECURITY shields to increase visibility and presence.

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