Segway Brush-in-Bottle Touch-Up Paint / Service Outage Alert

NEW PRODUCT: Segway New Zealand will shortly offer Segway Brush-in-Bottle Touch-Up Paint for sale ($35). Available in White, Black, and Silver these paints have been carefully matched to Segway i2 and x2 factory colors (however i2 Metallic Sage cannot be offered due to paint variances). With the bush applicator as part of the screw cap, this Touch-Up Paint is easy to apply and can bring that “factory new” look back to much-loved PTs.

We can also touch up areas on your PT ($15) whenever you bring it to our service centre, or when we visit your business or home to provide any on-site servicing.

SERVICE OUTAGE ALERT due to Hurricane Irene

Segway, Inc.’s head office is located in New Hampshire, and the company announced today it is taking unprecedented precautions in advance of a severe storm that is about to hit the East Coast of USA:

In anticipation of Hurricane Irene, Segway deems it necessary to shut down our servers in order to protect the integrity of our systems from power surges or other storm related disturbances. At 8:00 PM EST this Saturday, August 27th Segway will shutdown ALL servers. The servers will be turned back on Monday once the storm has passed.

Segway New Zealand operates equipment that relies upon Segway, Inc.’s servers to function. During this outage period we will be unable to analyse error codes, create InfoKeys, service Gen 1 PowerBases (except to replace CBSs), and will not be able to place orders with Segway, Inc. We expect to offer full service again from Tuesday 30 August 2011 (NZ time). The website will not be affected, nor will our communications with the Singapore Segway Service Centre.

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