PTs pitch in for Rugby World Cup

In just a few days the eyes of the sporting world will turn to Auckland, New Zealand, for the opening of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. And right now Segway Personal Tranaporters (PTs) are being deployed to help organisers be ready in time.

Uni Rig Ltd is responsible to erecting the structures that performers will use during the opening ceremony at Eden Park, and they chose Segway PTs to provide their staff with the ability to get more done in a day. They have hired PTs to boost staff productivity at many previous events. Time is money and the distance around a stadium is vast. Profits are lost during the time it takes to walk from A-to-B. Only the Segway PT offers a cost-effective, practical solution in work environments like this. Uni Rig hired two PTs from Segway NZ for 3 weeks leading up to the games, then as the full extent of the on-the-ground usefulness of these machines became apparent they extended the hire until the end of the event.

Look out for our next update on who else is using Segway PTs during Rugby World Cup 2011.

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