Auckland Transport & Auckland Arts Festival using Segway PTs at Rugby World Cup

Auckland Transport is using a x2 (“ex-two”) Patroller model Segway Personal Transporter (PT) throughout at the Rugby World Cup to ensure everything runs smoothly at Eden Park and North Harbour.

Michael Kuhn identified the Segway Patroller as the only practical solution to his need to cover dozens of kilometres every night there was a big game at these stadiums.

He was already very familiar with the operation of Segway PTs, having enjoyed tourist activities on them a Taupo and Rotorua. Segway New Zealand provided additional rider training to ensure Michael was familiar with all the features of the x2 Patroller model, which has been branded for the event and fitted with a headlight.

Down at ‘Party Central’ on Queens Wharf the Auckland Arts Festival are utilising two Segway i2 models to move staff and equipment around the vast space that is the epicentre of the city’s activities. Festival staff were already familiar with Segway PTs, having hired them on many previous occasions for other large events they’ve organised.

Read our recent story about rigging business UniRig using a pair of Segway PTs at Eden Park for productivity throughout the Rugby World Cup. This is an excellent example of how a small business did the sums and quickly worked out they could lift profits by putting staff onto Segway PTs to move more efficiently around a worksite.

The Segway PT is not only a proven productivity tool, it is an effective solution for increased public safety at events. Ask us for copies of our Case Studies about NZ deployments these and many other applications.

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