Carrying Segway PTs in your car or on your tow-bar

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is arguably the most convenient way for most people to cover distances that are too far or take too long to walk. How far this distance is for you might depend on whether you are fully active or mobility impaired. How long is too long might depend on your schedule or how how much money you earn per hour (or how valuable you are to an organisation). This article looks at how a number of New Zealanders take their Segway PTs with them, with links to two of our Information Sheets about ramps, carriers and haulers and about taking PTs on public transport.

Geoff Parsonage lives in Auckland and lives with a very significant mobility impairment. His Segway PTs – he has an i180 for everyday, and an XT so he can enjoy the beach at Mission Bay – have changed his life. He has a TriLift hauler fitted to his tow-bar, which is an electrically powered lift that securely holds and raises the PT. Here is a photo of him driving from his home to the mall, where he can shop with ease.

The TriLift is a convenient way to take you Segway PT with you. It does not require any physical lifting by a person.

There are also manual tow-bar carriers, similar to a bike rack, but for a PT. Do keep in mind that if your carrier obscures your numberplate then you should affix a ‘supplementary’ plate to your carrier.

IMG_8292 (1).jpg

Another way to take your Segway PT with your is to use the lightweight, folding Segway Ramps to stow your PT inside your hatchback or SUV with minimal effort. The Segway PT climbs or descends the ramps under its own power, so once again no lifting is required. When you’re done, simply fold the ramps and put them into the zippered bag, which is padded to prevent the ramps from making any rattling noises.

Find out more about these options on our Case Study Ramps Carriers 2011 information sheet.

Read about other New Zealanders who regularly take their Segway PTs with them – on trains, on ferries, and even on business trips or holidays to Australia in our Case Study Planes Trains Gardens.

If you are in business and have large distances to cover look out for an upcoming article in which we will focus on how putting yourself or your staff onto Segway PTs increases profits. Examples of New Zealand businesses we’ll be covering include:

1. Meter reading in the South Island

2. Fabric delivery from warehouse to retail shop in Christchurch

3. Mail delivery at Auckland Hospital and Canterbury University

4. Fetching items to fill orders in a medical supplies warehouse

In the meantime, read our previous two stories about Sals Pizza using Segway PTs for delivery at their three Auckland stores, and how Segway PTs are working hard during Rugby World Cup at Queens Wharf, Eden Park and North Harbour Stadium. Scan back through our News archives for many more examples of businesses using Segway PTs to boost profits.

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