Winter Maintenance Tips & Preventative Maintenance Guide

Segway, Inc. has released Segway Winter Maintenance Tips (.pdf) as the northern hemisphere winter approaches. While all of these tips are set out in the Reference Manual, you can print out this handy one page tips sheet and affix it to the wall next to where you store your Segway PT to use as a check-list.

It is divided into “Winter Storage” and “Winter Usage/Spring Prep” sections. Winter Storage is relevant to owners who do not use their PT for several months during winter (more common in northern USA and Europe than here in New Zealand), or those who are going away on an extended holiday at any time of year.

Winter Usage/Spring Prep contains valuable tips for safe winter enjoyment of your Segway PT. Winter conditions are often more slippery than at other times, so be sure to check how much tyre tread is present.

You can find helpful comparative photographs of new and worn tyre treads that indicates when i2 and x2 tyres should be replaced in the Segway PT Preventative Maintenance Guide for i2, x2 and x2 Turf/Golf models (it will also be of interest to owners of previous models).

The Preventative Maintenance Guide also sets out pre-ride, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly checks that all owners should conduct. We recommend this checklist be incorporated as part of every commercial users Health & Safety Program. If you would like further explanation or help, simply call 0800 2 SEGWAY for advice. You can also bring your Segway PT to our Auckland Service Centre or we can come to you to conduct regular maintenance. With the exception of Elastomers, most owners can easily conduct all of these checks themselves.

Philip Bendall conducts an annual trip all around New Zealand every February/March and can make a personal visit to inspect, maintain and repair your Segway PT. He also makes more regular visits throughout the upper North Island and to all main centres, and call-out visits to anywhere on request.

See our Accessories page to purchase replacement standard tyres for i2 and x2. The i2 tyres are also the official replacement for the now discontinued tubeless tyres originally fitted to i167/i170/i180/GT models (an i2 tube is also required). Tyres for the x2 are identical to those fitted to the previous XT model.

We also sell the IRC Snow Tyre for i2 and 167/i170/i180/GT. This tyre is a high-traction alternative to the i2 standard tyre, and has proven popular with Guided Tour operators around New Zealand. It is also the most cost-effective option for most hire-mileage Security deployments and for outdoors-only delivery applications. Owners of i2’s who commute in snowy or icy conditions like to fit them for winter use, as do those looking to adventure further off-road than standard tyres can take them. These IRC Snow Tyres offer incredible grip, a ride that is almost as smooth and quiet as a standard i2 tyre, and they wear up to 3 times longer. They do carry in more dirt and mud from outdoors to indoors due to the tread, and they are made from standard rubber (not non-marking rubber like the standard i2 tyres).

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