MORGO 2011: Sam Morgan, Rod Drury, Grant Ryan ride Philip Bendall’s SoloWheel

More than 100 of New Zealand’s top technology entrepreneurs attending MORGO this week were first to see SoloWheel – the self-balancing, one-wheeled personal transporter.

Sam Morgan (Trade-Me founder, Jasmin Social Investments), Rod Drury (Xero, and player in the Pole Blacks – NZ’s Segway Polo team), and Grant Ryan (YikeBike) were amongst the first in the world to ride the SoloWheel. Last week, Segway New Zealand’s Philip Bendall imported the 14th SoloWheel to roll off the production line, a month or more before retail sales are set to start. MORGO has a long history of revealing technological advances, including Kiwi inventions the Martin Jet Pack, Rex Exoskeleton and the Yike Bike.

Rod Drury, Grant Ryan and Lillian Grace learn to ride the SoloWheel

Like the Segway Personal Transporter (PT), the SoloWheel incorporates self-balancing capability – albeit only in the fore-aft plane. Like a bicycle, forwards (or backwards) movement is required to maintain sideways balance. It is the dynamic stability of the Segway PT that makes it the best – and often only truly practical – choice for many applications:

  • safe, convenient personal mobility for those with impairment
  • agile and responsive transportation for security guards and Police officers
  • deliveries on campus, around urban and suburban environments, and in warehouses
  • inspection and other productivity applications

Because the Segway PT is so easy to learn to operate, it is also suitable for novice riders to use for Segway Tours after just a few minutes tuition.

The SoloWheel offers convenient transportation for a narrower range of users than the Segway PT. At just 11kg it can easily be carried on public transport and into buildings. With a top speed of 16km/h, it can provide a simple “last mile” commuting solution. If you’d like to be among the very first in the world to have your own SoloWheel call us today on 0800 2 SEGWAY or Contact Us.

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