Philip Bendall on his Segway PT vs bad-ass GM Holden V8 utes at Big Boys Toys

There’s nothing quite as raw and powerful as an Aussie V8, and at Big Boys Toys 2011 two General Motors Holden Commodore Utes took on Philip Bendall and his fat-wheeled Segway PT out in the arena before a crowd of thousands.

James Urquart’s Wildcard Entertainment manages the only precision driving stunt team in New Zealand, and has two big, bad, fast and loud V8 Utes that really know how to smoke up a screaming storm on the tarmac.

The crowd roared as the Utes circled and first rounded up two beautiful girls modelling for Big Ben Pies, then a BMX bike, a stunt motorcycle, a Hasqvana ride-on mower, and then Phil on his PT amongst the clouds of blue smoke and noise. Some might say this all inspired by Ken Block (see the awesome YouTube – especially from 2:30 through 3:10) – and even if it was, Phil likes to brag he was much more daring than Block’s own Segway stunt rider!

Throughout the three day show MC Ray Bishop was riding a Segway x2 – ensuring Segway New Zealand enjoyed a high profile throughout the triumphant return of Big Boys Toys to the New Zealand events calendar. The Segway NZ stand attracted what one commentator called “the largest steady crowd” of the show, where visitors got to ride the Segway i2, x2 and x2 Golf models, as well as the SoloWheel.


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