10 years ago today the Segway PT was revealed

Ten years ago today Dean Kamen unveiled the “Segway Human Transporter (HT)” on The Today Show, and the same week TIME magazine followed with their Reinventing the Wheel feature story.

The HT was renamed the Segway Personal Transporter (PT) five years later with the release of second generation models featuring LeanSteer technology.

Everyone has an opinion about the Segway PT, and thousands of articles have been been written over the years. “Code Name Ginger” is Steve Kemper’s book (buy it online at Amazon) about the development of the PT, and Wired’s Segways’s Breakdown is an interesting 2003 epilogue published just has the PT went on sale to the pubic.

A decade on, Investors.com has an article covering then and now, and interviews CEO Wayne Mitchell who says about 100,000 Segway PTs have been sold to date. Another article appeared today in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Segway PT is transforming the lives of people who live with mobility impairment. It is having spectacular success in the Tourism and Security sectors, as well as other smaller niches. We wrote about the Segway PT having reached a tipping point earlier this year. While it may be taking longer than Dean Kamen predicted a decade ago, the Segway PTs promise to transform personal transformation over distances too far to walk yet too short to take a car looks likely to happen in this next decade.

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