Santas on Segways

This festive season Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) have featured in more Christmas Parades around New Zealand than ever betore. Here’s a photo of Errol and Barbara Wells from Geraldine, South Island.

Errol and Barbara run Del-Con Services Ltd, which has contracts for power meter reading across a number of towns in the central South Island. Errol began with one Segway PT, and it proved to be such an improvement in productivity that he recently purchased a second PT. Errol says that it is simply a case of ‘time and motion’ that makes it obvious the Segway PT provides such a big productivity boost to a business like his – no meter reader can walk – and certainly won’t run! – at an average speed of 15 kph while doing their job, but a meter reader on a Segway PT can travel between houses at these kinds of speeds all day long.

Del-Con Services is an excellent example of a New Zealand small business that has become more efficient by integrating Segway Personal Transporters into their operation.

Meter reading was one of the first applications where Segway PTs were deployed. For example, one New Hampshire power company has been using them since 2002.

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