Just Water International’s ‘Segway Santa’

Just Water International pioneered the New Zealand water cooler market 25 years ago, and has been leading the Australasian market ever since.

This morning at their Auckland head office and warehouse, Executive Director Tony Falkenstein (ONZM) became ‘Santa-on-a Segway’ for 180 staff. Shortly after a short lesson at 7am Tony was gliding through the corridors and warehouse space giving out candy and surprises, before 30 trucks headed off to the four corners of Auckland to deliver invigoratingly fresh bottled water to thousands of coolers in businesses and residences.

Just Water International is precisely the kind of company that could benefit from owning a Segway PT because their Auckland business is split across two sites.

The head office and the main dispatch area are located together in one large, single-storied facility. An additional warehouse is located some 300m away along a quiet street. Several times per day there is a need for high-value staff to move from one site to the next. The options are walking or taking a car – but parking outside the warehouse is limited. It is easy to calculate that a Segway PT – at about $10 per day over three years – provides an extraordinary return on investment when the value to a company of a member of staff is properly considered. Consider the time it takes to walk a 300m journey three times a day (that’s about 2 kilometres of round trips), or about half an hour of lost productivity. Of course, the measure of the value to a company of a staff member is not their hourly rate, but how much value they generate for the organisation per hour.

And taking the car isn’t any better because of the time it takes to walk to the car, drive it, and then park at the destination and walk to where the person is needed. Plus running costs are high because nothing is more inefficient that starting a cold engine and driving a short distance. By comparison, the electric Segway PT takes you point to point, indoors and outdoors – right to where you want to go.

Find out more by using Segway, Inc.’s Business Compatibility Calculator. For the real nitty gritty, why not read about other businesses who use Segway PTs in Case Studies or Contact Us directly and ask us to email you our many NZ Case Studies about local businesses who’ve been using Segway PTs for years.

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