Cornwall Park ‘Ambassador’ gliding into summer 2012

For the second summer running the Cornwall Park ‘Ambassador’ is gliding on a Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

The Ambassador’s role is to interact with the public who are enjoying the park, offering advice and information about the history of Auckland’s largest park and One Tree Hill, and handing out rubbish bags to encourage visitors to take their refuse home with them.

The benefits of putting staff onto Segway PTs are now very well proven. Last year, At Cornwall Park found these to included the ability to be anywhere in the park quickly, quietly and with zero emissions.

Segway PTs are electric, and a recharge costs just 25 cents. This enables an x2 model to travel about 15 to 20 km, and an i2 model to travel 25 to 30 km. Because it weights just 50kg, the Segway PT impacts just a fraction of the weight-per-square centimeter compared with the petrol-powered golf cart that used to be used for this role.

This year, the park has begun by running a trial to compare the suitability  between the Segway x2 (which is the model they used throughout last summer) with a Segway i2 fitted with high traction tyres. Benefits of the x2 include incredible traction, a soft ride and wide-track stability. The i2 offers longer range, nimble performance and it is easier to store when not in use. In January they will settle on which model suits their needs best for the rest of the season. Segway New Zealand works with clients to ensure they have the most suitable model for their needs.

Feedback from the public has been very positive, in park because they Segway PT is now well-established in the minds of New Zealanders as providing unique and desirable benefits. People recognise how safe and suitable the Segway PT is for an environment like Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill, and benefit from the improved service and security having a roaming Park Ambassador on a Segway PT provides.

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