We thought we’d seen everything….(Merry Christmas)

We thought we’d seen everything…and then we came across this. Yes, for the person who has everything – including a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) – now they can have a Santa on a Segway sculpture.

Last week we discussed the Segway PT and the next 10 years on from Dean Kamen’s original vision. Forking from where we are today will be a variety of other devices utilising the PT’s underlying technologies. For example, the Segway-General Motors EN-V development kept turned heads this year, as the world began to get their heads around the kinds of performance and capabilities that only two-wheeled self-balancing machines can offer. Prepare to be astounded, and watch this 3 minute video of three real EN-V prototypes in action plus animation of what more can be done (all with technology that already exists today).

Earlier this year we discussed the extent to which the Segway PT has become part of popular culture (with references including Justin Bieber, Weird Al, Peter Gabriel, Michael Douglas and Kylie Jenner). The Segway PT has been a part of our lives, work, play, economy, sport, movies and tv for a decade now. It appears regularly across all elements of our pop culture. Here’s an absurd video that is an example of this (or something): watch it here.

Merry Christmas from Segway New Zealand

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