Segway Racing ramps up interest in electric transportation

Segway Racing enjoyed world-beating success during 2011, attracting a whole new level of attention to electric transportation.

Once upon a time electric vehicles meant short range, low speed, heavy weight and poor overall performance compared to petrol engines. And one would never compare an electric vehicle with a highly tuned sports cars or performance motorbike.

Not any more.

Take for example the Tesla Roadster – the world’s first mass market, high performance sports car – 0 to 100 km in a neck-snapping 3.7 seconds – that has a range of about 400km.

Or the Segway Personal Transporter i2 – a machine that delivers almost 40km range per charge from a light, highly manoeuvrable platform that turns on the spot and has a footprint no larger than a person.

And from Segway Racing’s sponsorship of MotoCzysz racing astounding new records were set all around the world during 2011.

Segway’s 2011 Sponsorship of MotoCzysz Racing – A Tremendous Success!

In 2011, Segway Inc. officially became the title sponsor of MotoCzysz Racing. The relationship was new, exciting and focused on winning – while also proactively promoting electric motorsports and personal transportation.

“What a year it has been! We’re thrilled with the performance of the MotoCzysz Racing Team,” said Wayne Mitchell, CEO of Segway Inc.  Michael Czysz, CEO & Founder of MotoCzysz added, “We appreciated Segway’s sponsorship and we look forward to exploring additional opportunities to work together.” 

During this racing season MotoCzysz’s latest model, the E1pc, performed incredibly well on the circuit.  Its design harnesses increased onboard energy, nearly doubling horsepower while simultaneously reducing the bike’s overall weight.  This provided a distinct competitive advantage on the track and translated to podium finishes at some of the world’s most prestigious electric motorcycle races.  The wins, all earned on the same E1pc bike, included:

  • Michael Rutter and Mark Miller securing first and second place respectively 
    in the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Zero Race.
  • Michael Czysz himself taking second place at the FIM e-Power/TTXGP International Championship Race, which is held in conjunction with the U.S. Red Bull Grand Prix, one of America’s largest motorcycling events.
  • Shane Turpin, riding to a first place finish at the final electric race of the season, the USBA/TTXGP Event at Miller Motorsports Park

“The level of technological innovation that was achieved with MotoCzysz’s E1pc in the past year was a marvel,” commented Mitchell. “Winning these races did wonders to solidify its reputation as the world’s most technologically advanced electric bike.  In addition, it built the market’s interest in electric transportation and that was one of our primary goals in committing to this sponsorship.”  

Check out the video clips at Segway Racing. The seven fastest laps ever recorded by an electric motorcycle have all been achieved by Motozcyz, and you can watch the two fastest online. Also on show are videos of the Segway i2, x2 and Patroller hard at play and work.

Of additional interest is this article about the Isle of Man focusing on the island’s initiatives to become one of the green capitals of the world. This is a place that has had continuous economic growth for the last 20 years and an unemployment rate of just 2%. It is also the oldest continuous democracy in the world, and home to the world’s longest established motorcycle race – the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) that since 2010 includes the TT Zero for zero-emission motorbikes.

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