Segway, Inc. celebrates 10 years of ‘Simply Moving’

Segway, Inc. has re-launched its blog, and you can subscribe to their regular postings to keep up to date with the latest information. The current feature signals future expansion and growth, starting with a little history:

In December, 2001 the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT), the world’s first and only electric, two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation device was unveiled on Good Morning America.  In 2002, the PT became available to customers and a remarkable, new transportation alternative was born.

Since that time, Segway has earned a global presence, is well-known as the world’s leading provider of personal, green transportation alternatives and robotics mobility platforms and will be celebrating its 10 year milestone anniversary throughout 2012!  The Company’s flagship product, the PT, continues to be the heart of the business and development of a new model is well underway.

According to The Union Leader, sales are now “close to 100,000 Personal Transporters” and this article summarises a decade of growth in the American, European and Asia/Pacific regions, as well as noting three important markets for Segway products: the Robotic Mobility Platform, Tourism and public safety lead by the Patroller range.

We published our own article 10 Years Ago Today the Segway PT was revealed in December 2011 where technology enthusiasts and historians will find links to fascinating information. Remember, you can also subscribe to Segway NZ News right here on this page so you wont miss out on any of our publishings.

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